March 7, 2017

March 7, 2017

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OK, I found out what the package was yesterday and it is the new printer that was supposed to be delivered this next Friday, not yesterday. I also got an email stating that the two other items scheduled for this next Friday are coming tomorrow. I understand why shippers give such off time estimates, to protect themselves if something goes wrong, but it does cause problems at times.

So, since this afternoon is going to be taken up with TTRPG, I am posting early today.

I finished my second run-through editing GENERATION UPON GENERATION, so if I do get the printer today and set it up tomorrow, I can start posting chapters of that properly on Thursday without skipping a week. HIGH TREASON should get finished on schedule, a revised schedule since the original schedule had it finished and into editing now.

I am still unpacking after my move into this apartment. Yes, I know I am slow. I find that I use very little of what I own on a regular basis and so I unpack when I am looking for something. I am finding some items that got broken during the move out of my old apartment or from the storage units. Things such as the printer I had, a nice piece of stained glass and a plaque from a congregation I used to be a part of.

As I mentioned yesterday, the TTRPG today is using the D&D system and I am tired of that system. But I seem to be the only person in my gaming group that is not in love with it. I don’t want to leave the group because I enjoy gaming with them but it is becoming less enjoyable with each new campaign. However, there is no central clearing house that I know of where I can find a group that plays something else; I am stuck for now.

I hope to get my bicycle fixed next week. The chain came off a long time ago and I bought a new chain but never got it installed. A friend of mine lent me the tool I need to install it, so I need to find the chain and get it installed. I also need to find a pump, preferable one that is foot-powered, because the tires are going flat. That shows how long it has been since the chain disappeared. For the moment, the bicycle is in my backyard waiting to get worked on. Some of the backyards in the complex have a gate but mine doesn’t. So, to use my bicycle, I will have to walk it through the apartment and then ride it.  Once I have it working, I intend to ride it a lot as a way to get ride of some of the excess weight I have.



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