March 7, 2017

March 6, 2017

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Spring is coming. And after Spring comes the heat of Summer. But Spring is coming and that is one of the two best seasons here in Tucson. There are two bad aspects of Spring, Summer and pollen. The pollen is not as bad as it was but it is still bad. Once upon a time huge numbers of mulberry trees were planted in Tucson and their pollen was horrible. There are not many mulberry trees left as the City has been working to eliminate them because of the pollen but there are still a few and the amount of pollen they put out is still bad.

I returned the bad modem and got a couple of other tasks done today. When I got home there was a note on my door concerning a package that UPS wanted to deliver but didn’t because I wasn’t home. They didn’t deliver it to the complex office either. I just checked on all the packages I am expecting and this one is not among them. I am confused. However, the note UPS left says they will deliver tomorrow so I am staying home to accept it. I can get some more editing done while I wait. I wonder if I ordered something a while back and forgot about it and for some reason deleted any email concerning it. I will find out tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a day of TTRPG, one of the two Star Wars campaigns using the D&D game system. I am so tired of D&D, I want to play something else. My gaming group had a nice Shadowrun campaign going but it died quickly. We had a Legends of the Five Rings campaign going for a long time but while I like the system, the campaign was not one I liked. Legends of the Five Rings is a pseudo-medieval East Asian system just as D&D is a pseudo-medieval European system. The campaign was a mix of pseudo-medieval and science-fiction. If we are going to play in that mode, I prefer Shadowrun as it is built for it. The problem is the rest of the group prefer D&D in one form or another. I like playing with them but I am so very tired of D&D.



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