March 6, 2017

March 5, 2017

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A rare Sunday post. Rare for now anyway, once my weekend TTRPG goes back to Saturday, I should post on Sundays more often and even perhaps more on Saturdays.

I overslept this morning so I missed church. I do not like missing church but I do like sleeping in. One of the members of the group had a death in the family, his Grandmother who had been sick for a long time. Such a death still hurts. I can remember the deaths of two of my three Grandmothers, the one I cannot remember is my Step-Grandmother. Of my three Grandfathers, one died nine years before I was born, one (Step-Grandfather) died before I was two and the last Grandfather died when I was ten. My Father died in 1977 and my Mother in 1992. My eldest Brother, six years younger than me, died in 2015. Each of those deaths that I knew of hit me hard, my brother the hardest – he was YOUNGER THAN ME!! The wife of my friend whose Grandmother just died, is not feeling well so we quit early. She also has some fears about the death in the family.

Tomorrow I have a lot to do and I won’t start until late in the day as the first place I want to go to does not open until 10AM. I should get it all done, but it will take most of the day once I get started. Nothing real momentous, just drudgery. But it is stuff that needs to get done. I believe I mentioned that I finally got the internet working in my apartment, so the first thing I need to do is return the old modem before the deadline. If I wait, I will probably put it off for too long. I procrastinate too much any more. When I was on active duty I couldn’t but now I tend to procrastinate all the time and I shouldn’t.

The weather has been nice. Spring is coming and both Spring and Autumn are wonderful seasons in Tucson. I like Autumn more than Spring as what follows Spring is the heat of the Summer and what follows Autumn is Winter. Winter gets cold here but not real bad. Summer gets real bad.


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