March 5, 2017

March 4, 2017

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Wow, it has been a few days since I last posted. Well, I have been busy. Nothing worth posting here, just a lot of little things and the time spent getting from pne place to another. I did finally get the internet working in my apartment so I can be more regular with this blog, I just have to remember to do it. To get the internet up and running I had to go through three routers, two Ethernet cables and two modems. The Ethernet cable and modem were supplied by the service provider and as near as I can tell, they were the problem. I got the new modem from the provider’s store and Monday I will have to take the old one back for repair or whatever.

The floor next to my desk is full of paper, I have been editing GENERATION UPON GENERATION and as I make the changes to the computer file, I drop the page onto the floor. I now have a trash can to dump my trash into, being homeless mean not keeping the trash cans I had before, but while grocery shopping today I forgot to get the liner bags. So, Monday then.

My apartment complex is without water right now, there is a leak in one apartment and the plumbers have not fixed it yet so the water is off so that they can fix it. Makes life a little harder but I can still bear it.

Earlier this week I and another Libertarian visited a charter high school for at risk youth and talked about politics along with someone from the Democrat and Republican parties. The representative from the Green party had to cancel at the last minute. It was basically a question and answer period and the youngsters did ask some interesting questions. I enjoy doing this sort of outreach.

One nice thing about this apartment complex is that the front office will accept packages for the residents. I don’t have to worry about being away when a package arrives. My former complex didn’t do that and I tended to stay at home waiting for a package. Now, I don’t have to wait at home, I can do shopping or attend a meeting or visit the doctor and not worry.

With being homeless and now at a new apartment, I think my medication refills are waiting at the P.O. Box I rented while homeless. I did change my address at the VA Medical Center but I don’t think it took in time. That is another thing I will have to do Monday.

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