February 22, 2017

February 22, 2017

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Slowly I am getting my life back together and getting my apartment all set up.

Tuesday morning I had a extreme hypoglycemia attack and when I collapsed onto the kitchen floor, I hurt my knees. This was the worst attack I can remember. I was shaking and sweating big time and my vision was blurred to the point that it was almost worthless. I didn’t pass out but I came close. Some years ago I passed out walking along the streets of Tucson, from the local library to my apartment and I just passed out without any other symptoms. I crossed a fairly busy street without incident and came to once I had finished crossing that street. Then I got the symptoms that should be leading up to passing out. I made it home and came out OK but yesterday although I did not pass out and I was safe in my apartment all the while, the incident seemed worse in all other respects.

I am sitting in the clubhouse of my apartment complex because there is Wi-Fi here and I cannot get the internet in my apartment. The connection is slow so I am having trouble getting stuff done and I need to subscribe to one of the computer repair services in order to get my home network up and running. But to subscribe, I need an internet connection and this one in the clubhouse isn’t getting it done right now.

The Pima County Government seems to want to get into bed with Monsanto regarding a greenhouse and some experimental field work Monsanto wants to do here. I am fighting it because Monsanto should not be getting a sweetheart deal that isn’t available to all other companies plus, Monsanto has a poor history concerning leaving a polluted local environment that the local governments have to clean up because Monsanto won’t.

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