February 18, 2017

February 18, 2017

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Things are not good. Oh, things are good that I have found an apartment and am thus no longer homeless; but, I cannot get my router to work in the apartment so I have no internet there. I have it at the clubhouse of the complex but only for one of the two laptops I have and the one that I cannot use now is the one I use for uploading videos to YouTube. Frustration after frustration abounds. However, I am meeting with friends tomorrow and one of them is a computer whiz. Therefore, I hope, I can get this fixed soon and be productive again.

I am slowly, too slowly perhaps, getting my gear organized and set up. I still haven’t found the remotes for the two Blu-Ray players and the two TVs so that is another frustration. I have a floor lamp on order and on its way so that will help with getting things going. I need another one and I intend to order it today. I need a cot to replace the one that broke and once that is her, I can stop sleeping on the floor. I do not like sleeping on the floor but for now I have no choice. I could go and order a mattress set but that would cost a lot more than I want to spend now, and I have found camp cots to be comfortable.

Getting stuff for my apartment is a pain. Yes, I am on two major bus lines but getting anywhere in Tucson by bus is still an annoyance. Years ago I had a little diesel car. It got great mileage, but was slow and underpowered as all get out. I was also too tall for it and my head pressed against the roof of the cab. Nevertheless, in a warm climate it ran good. In a cold climate or in a cool winter, it did not run. But here in Tucson, it is warm enough that I would have had no problems with that. It would also be paid off now and all I would have to pay is the insurance and operating costs. Much better than the bus system even though it would be more expensive in dollar costs. My time would be worth it.


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