February 13, 2017

Feburary 12, 2017

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I find out tomorrow if I continue homeless or if I move in to a new apartment on Wednesday. I have my doubts because I always have doubts when I am waiting for something I want to happen. I presume this is human nature to some extant but regardless, I have it.

Real soon I am going to have to replace my cell phone. I have had this one for too long and it wasn’t very good when I bought it, I just didn’t realize it. However, if I do get the apartment, I am going to have to spend a lot of money getting stocked up. You know, food, soap, etc. Plus the costs for getting the electricity, gas, etc. turned on. Lucky for me, I reduced my bills by about $300 a month so I will have enough I believe.

It rained here in Tucson, it sounded loud and large but I didn’t go out and investigate. I just know it rained and we can use every drop we can get. Once I am in my new apartment, I will have a small backyard where I can just sit and watch the rain.

With the amount of money I save from cancelling the land line phone, the newspaper, the internet and the satellite TV, and the smaller expected costs of natural gas for a heater, the storage lockers I may still needĀ and a cable contract instead of a satellite hock-up, I should be able to save quite a bit for going to the Libertarian Party National Convention next year. I attended a VFW Department Convention some years back and I liked it. I expect to like the Libertarian National Convention even more. I might even met someone I haven’t seen in about 30 years. A fellow named Craig Swarthout, who in some very interesting philosophical discussions after work, convinced me of the rightness of the Libertarian philosophy.


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