February 11, 2017

February 11, 2017

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Now I wonder if I did get that apartment. There was a phone call earlier today from the manager of the complex but my phone would not let me hear/talk. And when I went out to try and get a good signal, I think I acted after the complex office closed for Saturday. So, until Monday I am in limbo and worried. I hope I was accepted and can move in next Wednesday.

I have been getting some writing done but I have spent a lot of time watching a friend of mine play FALLOUT: LAS VEGAS. IF you don’t know, that is a First Person Shooter game set after a nuclear war in an alternate time-line. He likes it but I find it boring. I watched in order to try to understand why it appeals to him but I don’t get it.

I like this time of year in Tucson, not as much as Fall, but I like it. The only reason I like Fall better is that now I know that the summer is coming soon and in the Fall it is the winter that is coming up next. You can add clothing to combat the cold but to combat the heat, after a short while you cannot take more clothes off and can only retreat inside. And if you have to be out and about, the heat can be brutal.


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