February 9, 2017

February 8, 2017

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I am tired. I am also frustrated. Still apartment hunting and no luck so far. Remembering what the loan officers at the mortgage sites said about my needing something on my credit report, I went to Sears, bought a couple of shirts, and applied for credit. I got approved for “rent-to-own” but not a credit card. Plus all the frustration of applying for apartments and getting turned down due to the eviction. The last complex I went to, recommended by an apartment hunting website I subscribed to, was way out in the north of Tucson. Once I got there, I discovered that the office was closed with a sign saying that they would return at ten to two. I got there at two thirty, over half an hour after their sign said that they would be back. Probably the sign was wrong but I left anyway. It was just too far north and the bus service would be too limited.

I have been getting some writing done on HIGH TREASON. I have about one third of the word count I want but I am nowhere near close to the end of the story. Plus, I have been pretty thin on a lot of what I wrote so I expect to end up around 45,000 words.

I did find out about that case that the one loan officer mentioned when he first spoke with me about getting a loan. The case where there is supposed to be a $10,000 judgement against me. A friend of mine used to work as a private detective and discovered that the referenced case number had nothing to do with me, the name wasn’t even close. I wonder about that loan company. How did they get that case number and why did they reference it to me? The email that the officer sent me had some very specific information, not true it seems, but someone had to create that information and do it in a very short order.

All day long riding the bus trying to get from one place to another and more of that tomorrow. The bus service here in Tucson is OK, I guess, for light use but this apartment hunting strains my using the bus service. When it takes an hour or more to get from one place to another, plus the time waiting for the bus to arrive, I cannot get a lot done in a day.


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