February 6, 2017

February 5. 2017

Posted in Personal tagged , , at 5:11 am by gruundehn

No nuclear war yet, no mass roundups of whomever, no hurricanes in Kansas yet. And yet, Trump is still President.

Church was a pain. It is a good thing that Communion is from God and not the Priest. Many years ago, my Father was alive at the time as he attended this service with me so it was before 1977, I got so angry at a sermon that I refused to take communion from that priest. I have gotten upset with sermons since, but I do not refuse communion again.

The TTRPG was a lot of fun this afternoon and evening.

Several people have started following this blog, their blogs are nice but I no longer have the time to be reading a lot of posts on various blogs. I may go through my subscribe list and eliminate a few blogs that I presently follow just in case I find a blog that I really want to follow. But, if you follow me and I do not follow you, it isn’t that you are uninteresting, it is that I am out of time for reading a lot of blogs especially now.

I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, but I did notice that the Patriots won the game in overtime. I may have missed a good game, unlike so many recent ones.


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