February 4, 2017

February 3, 2017

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Bunch of bad news today. I got turned down for an apartment after applying, usually it happens before it gets that far, and I learned that I have a $10,000 judgement against me that I had no idea existed. I knew about being evicted, well duh, but a resulting judgement that large is a total shock. That is about six months pay for me.

How I found out about the judgement is that I started investigating buying a home. Yeah, I am having trouble renting an apartment and I started considering buying a home. The judgement and the fact that, since I haven’t used credit cards for years, I have no credit record killed that. I have one credit card but it isn’t being reported. If I had a bit of credit card debt for the loan company and I didn’t have the judgement, new home here I come. However, it looks like I will be homeless and crashing, sleeping on a chair at a friend’s apartment, is going to last a bit longer.

I got maybe a paragraph written so far today, maybe a little more, since I was hunting an apartment and dealing with the VA for the chance of a home loan. I am going to get some writing done tonight. Tomorrow I will get more done as I probably won’t go apartment hunting due to the poor bus service.



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