January 31, 2017

January 31, 2017

Posted in Personal tagged , at 8:46 pm by gruundehn

Spent most of today waiting for things to happen. Some didn’t and some did. I did not go apartment hunting because I needed to do laundry and that was a mess up, not a major one but one none the less; in addition I was expecting to be playing TTRPG today and found out that I had the day wrong, it is tomorrow. I did get the laundry done and I did search my storage lockers for my spare cane but did not find it. Tomorrow I will have to buy a new one. Tomorrow I am also going apartment hunting again, I’ll just have to end early enough for the game.

I did work on THE GOD’S TALE and got into a major plot point. But the word count is way too thin, unless the story bulks up after this I am going to have to go through the story and add details, and expand points. Nothing new with that, I do that all the time with my stories. I am starting to think about some of my other novels and how to work them. If I concentrate I will be working easily for the rest of my life without adding a single new novel to the list. And I know that I will come up with ideas in the future that I will want to write out.

I read through the short story I accidently put into this blog instead of christophercolesite.wordpress.com and caught a few typos. I also made a few changes that I believe make the story better.



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