January 30, 2017

January 30, 2017

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President Trump has not started rounding up anyone, nor has he launched a nuclear war, actually he hasn’t started any wars, and all the left is going nuts.

Spent most of today hunting an apartment. The eviction keeps getting me turned down. Even when I just look at listings, my USAF retirement check is gone with security deposits and first month’s rent. Security deposits are so high that it is almost two months rent. I am going to have to look at much cheaper apartments in less desirable areas. Yes, it is primarily my fault but still.

I am going to be writing tonight for most of the evening. I need to separate the printouts for DREADNOUGHT and GENERATION UPON GENERATION so I can post the first and edit the second. HIGH TREASON is still going to be worked on. What I want to do is be posting one novel, editing the second and writing the rough draft of the third. HIGH TREASON is presently in third place and ELDER’S DILEMA is coming up next. Once that is done, chriostophercolesite.wordpress.com will be just for short stories I think and I will finish out THE GOD’S TALE for regular publication, followed by MAGIC IN THE MONASTRY and the HOUSE FOURTEEN series.


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