January 30, 2017

January 29, 2017

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Church was not too bad, the Assistant Rector gave a sermon that was too political for my taste but otherwise it was OK. After the service there was the Annual Meeting and I heard tell of a problem brewing that I did not like. Grace-St. Paul’s is the combination of two other parishes – Grace Church (the first Episcopal Church in Arizona) and St. Paul’s (formed right after WW II). The first Rector of the combined parish retired a few years ago and there was a search for a new Rector. The result of the search is the present Rector, the Reverend Steve Keplinger who I have disagreements with. There is a small group who want to fire him and undergo another Rector search. Just what we need, to start on a reputation for churning clergy. If we keep doing this, no one will want to come to the parish and it will die. So, since I could not stay for the meeting, I cast my ballot for certain candidates for the Vestry who are not committed to getting rid of the Rector, not that any of the candidates openly said anything about this last week when they were making their campaign speeches. I like politics but sneaking behind to stab someone in the back I do not like. And, these are supposed to be Christians. But, there is the chance that I was informed wrong. Especially since I heard about this only today.

Table-Top-Role-Playing today. The campaign is one that I am not a fan of but I enjoy the company of the people I play with and can put up with some unease for that reason. The game session was a good one, with little of what I do not like, and the interaction between the players was fun.

I should be posting again on my other blog site starting this Thursday since I recovered the printout of DREADNOUGHT. That I will enjoy.


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