January 28, 2017

January 27, 2017

Posted in Personal tagged , , at 12:54 am by gruundehn

Spent almost all day moving out of my old apartment and putting everything in storage. Everything except what I threw away. There was a lot of books that I threw away as well as a bunch of other stuff. I did not hear from the management company of the apartment I am most interested in like they promised so I will have to call them tomorrow, if they are open (and they should be), or Monday. I rented two storage units and filled both up, if I hadn’t thrown so much away it would have taken three or four. Fifty years of accumulation and I dumped so much of it.

One thing I did get is the printout of DREADNOUGHT so I can start posting that again. I also got the printout of GENERATION UPON GENERATION so I can continue to edit that. I intend to continue to write HIGH TREASON and THE GOD;S TALE the former for posting and the later for submitting.

The weather was, at least, nice. Kind of. It was cold in the morning and barely warmed up. I had a sweatshirt on and never needed to take it off because it was too warm. But the weather wasn’t too cold either. If it wasn’t for what I was doing, I would have enjoyed it a lot more than I did.




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