January 26, 2017

January 25, 2017

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I spent all day at the Pima County Elections Department working on the Risk Limiting Audit test. When I first learned about the concept, I thought it was useful. Today I learned otherwise. I can see where it might be useful in certain, limited, situations but as a general audit system, no. Take that “no” as strong as you want and it will probably be not strong enough.

I did meet the new EIC member, since one of the members of the Board of Supervisors retired and a new Supervisor is now representing that District, the new Supervisor appointed a replacement member to the EIC. Ken is a nice guy and I think he has a good idea what our mission is and how to accomplish it. There is trouble with the Chairman of the EIC, one member might resign due to conflicts with the Chair, so I hope we can get business done in spite of it.

I look at a new apartment tomorrow but I think it is well out of my way. I will talk with the person tomorrow and see if I cannot get something more reasonable, closer to where I am storing my gear. If I cannot, well, I will grab what I can just to stop crashing at my friends’ place. Sleeping on a chair is not comfortable. I had a chance to buy my mother’s home in 1992 and I kick myself for not going for it. It was a townhome, the middle of three, but I would have clear title to it by now. Hindsight is murder sometimes.

The weather continues cold and I continue aching. I am 67 years old and on days like today, and those recently past, I feel like I am 167 years old. Summer is hot in Tucson, but the heat does not bother me as much as the cold does.


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