January 23, 2017

January 23, 2017

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Here it is Monday and as of yet there has been no nuclear war, not massive roundup of opponents of the Trump presidency, no martial law. What gives? A totalitarian regime should have been ion place by now. Where is the violence? Oh, it exists but it is, so far, directed against Trump supporters or assumed supporters. Reported hate crimes are up but there is no evidence for most of the reports as to the perpetrators of the hate crimes. There is a significant number that are “false flag” reports, that is where someone does a hate crime in order to frame their opponents. One of the three men I have crashed with spent a great deal of time yesterday complaining about Trump’s suits, his ties, his hair and his bad spray-on tan. I ignore that and concentrate on his policies, some of which I like and most of whish I don’t. At least, so far.

I spent a lot of today running around, shopping and so forth. Nothing yet on a new apartment.

I haven’t yet done any writing today but intend to get it done tonight. I do not write to an outline so I get surprised sometimes by where the story goes. DREADNOUGHT started out as a “Oh wow, a travel story” but ended up as something else entirely. MAGIC IN THE MONASTRY started out similar. ENTRANCE EXAMINATION is the only story I have done recently that stayed true to the original concept.

The weather is making my joints and the break in my arm that hasn’t healed properly ache something horrible. When the weather changes or is cold for too long this is what happens. For those of you who are thinking of getting old, mind your joints and bones.



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