January 21, 2017

January 21, 2017

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So, the Inauguration was yesterday and the Earth still exists today. Obviously President Trump isn’t as great as his enemies make him out to be. But President Obama was pretty much the same. Not nearly as dangerous as his enemies made him out to be. And the same with President Bush, either one, or President Clinton. Now he may develop into a serious threat, as did the others, but he hasn’t done so yet.

I have been holed up all day working on HIGH TREASON and going through the archives of a web comic I like just to refresh myself on the backstory. Since the comic started in 1999, and with a few exceptions, has been posting twice a week, that is a lot of comics to look at.

My youngest brother, the retired Marine, just left The Gambia where he had been working for a year as a teacher of English as a Second Language. It seems that Senegal is likely to invade because the President of The Gambia won’t give up power after losing an election. In spite of the riots and mayhem over our election and inauguration, we change Presidents much better.

I am looking forward to playing TTRPG tomorrow even though I do not like the horror genre. I have never like the genre as far as I can remember. However, the horror aspects of the game are toned down so it isn’t so bad. I still am not happy about it.

It is still cold for Tucson and I can hear in my mind all the people going “You should see how cold it is here!” I have been in cold weather and I prefer Tucson where it is rarely very cold and even then not for long. Even as short as the time has been, it is still too much for me. You like the cold? I wish you well.

Tomorrow I am training new ushers at church. The task of ushering is a simple one but important as ushers are usually the face of the congregation to newcomers. Plus all the tasks we do during the service. Every job is important, always, but some stand out more than others. And this is not just in church but everywhere.


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