January 18, 2017

January 18, 2017

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I have spent most of today going from one place to another with little effect. I have gotten a few things done but nothing major. There are days like that.

I have been paying attention to the political situation and with the inauguration  in two days I find the hysterics laughable. I did not vote for Trump, I campaigned for Johnson and voted for him, but Trump is elected and I can only wish that he does as little damage as possible. If Clinton had gotten in I would wish the same. I cannot see a great difference between the two. He is, and she could have been, just the latest in a long line of Presidents, the present one included, who have not been good for the country. A LONG line of Presidents. A line of Presidents going back to before my grandparents were born.

Normally on Wednesday nights a group I am part of plays TTRPG but not tonight as one of the group is sick. So, tonight I am getting more writing done. I got none done during the day today. One reason is that the Tucson bus system takes forever to use. The amount of time I wait for a bus is probably half or more of a journey most of the time. Especially if I just miss a bus transfer. I sold my car over twenty years ago because I never seemed to use it. Now I wish I had a car.


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