January 16, 2017

January 16, 2017

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Monday afternoon. Today is a Federal Holiday here in America so just about everything is shut down.

It rained yesterday pretty much the whole day. It was wonderful. It wouldn’t be so wonderful, I guess, if I had to be out in the rain working. I did that a bit when I was on active duty. Not much because I worked with electronics and electricity and rain do not mix well. But when much younger I enjoyed walking in the rain. Not so much any more.

I am still looking for an apartment but the holiday is in the way. Oh well, tomorrow I chew out the Board of Supervisors as normal. But I intend to do some apartment hunting once that is over. Crashing with friends is not a good ting to do for a long time.

What writing I have been doing today has been just in the one story, HIGH TREASON. It is amazing to me the twists that I start writing without planning to put such in the plot. And so often, such twists improve the story I think. I am not a writer to plan out every sentence before I start writing, I just let the story flow and can get surprised by some of the twists I come up with without thinking about them.

There are a lot of web comics that I like and read. One, Accidental Centaurs, has been inactive for a long while but just posted a new page after almost a year. There have been many over the years that I have read for a time and either I dropped the comic or it quit. I dislike it when an artist quits a comic but I understand why it might happen and I do not claim the artist is a bad person for doing that. I just am disappointed that I was left hanging so to speak. I have a couple of ideas for a web comic but while I could write it, I could not draw it. I don’t think I could do a comic unless it had a planned ending. I would get burned out and the comic would suffer. A fate that I think several comics I followed suffered.


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