January 14, 2017

January 14, 2017

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Well, I got through yesterday. Today has been quiet and productive. I got a lot of writing done, unfortunately most of it was re-writing. Net result is a better story I hope, but the word count total has not changed much. Plus, the plots hasn’t advanced a lot.

Since I am now homeless, crashed on the recliner of some friends, I have cut out a lot of expenses that I will probably not ever take up again. I start looking for an apartment Monday and when I find one and move in I will no longer take the daily newspaper, nor a land phone line, nor satellite TV. Even starting with cable TV with internet I should save over $300 each month. So I can afford to have a nice place and hire a maid service to keep it clean and still save money which I need to do if I am going to stay active in politics.

I think Thoreau had it right about things owning us. I am going to have to read him sometime soon. But even granting that, too much of what I own, or owns me however you put it, is too useful to abandon without thought. My writing, for example. When I started writing oh those many years ago, I wrote on a yellow legal pad with a pencil. Editing was a pain, I have no clue how famous writers managed it without going crazy before the invention of the computer. Now, my word processor But modern word processors are so complex, too complex for me. One of the first word processors I used, back on my TRS-80, was called Electric Pencil. Nothing fancy, no hundred buttons to do something I will never do. My only real complaint is that it had no spell or grammar check, that was a separate program, and so that slowed things up a bit, but it was still a major improvement over pencil and paper. The word processors today seem built for someone who is a professional working for a publishing house or something similar. Someone who is good with programming might want to publish a simple word processor for home use.

The weather here in Tucson is good, it rained today. Not a great deal but living in the desert any is good. Tucson has two rainy seasons, each contributing about half the annual expected rainfall. However, it is the summer rainy season that gets all the attention. That rainy season is tracked, the start is celebrated, and the end paid attention to. The winter rainy season just comes, contributes and is basically ignored.

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