January 14, 2017

January 13, 2017

Posted in Personal tagged , at 3:58 am by gruundehn

I did get some writing done today but not much. More than I expected but I still have not gotten back to the hours of continuous writing I used to do. It didn’t help that today was full of chaos. IO kept my apartment too badly for my landlord and I got kicked out. And I thought that I had solved most of the problem. Oh well, life goes on. For the moment I am crashing on a friends recliner. Monday I start looking for a new apartment. With luck, I will be away quickly.

The weather here in Tucson is cool but not bad. I feel sorry for the huge parts of the country that are experiencing severe weather. I have been though such and I do not envy those in it now. The mountains around Tucson are one reason I live here, I enjoy looking at them, but the weather is the main reason. It is just that there are too many people living in Pima County, around one million, for the water table. We do not get enough rain on an annual basis to support all these people, we have to import water. And, yes I know, since I moved here I am part of the problem. I can still complain. I can look forward to warmer weather, even hot weather, but for now, I put up with the cold weather. Cold for Tucson that is.


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