January 10, 2017

January 10, 2017

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My Apartment complex has a laundry room and for most of today I have been resident there getting a huge amount of laundry done. I have to start doing laundry more often.

Another thing about my complex, it is old. I can tell this by the fact that there are too few electrical outlets in the kitchen. I don’t know when it was built, but late 1950s or early 1960s would be my guess. Right now there are four outlets in the kitchen itself and I am using six of them. Luckily I don’t use them all at once. One outlet pair gets only one outlet used as it is now behind the countertop dishwasher and I can no longer access the other outlet. That leaves the other outlet pair and I have a three outlet adapter in each plug there and use five of them. I am not counting the outlet pair behind the refrigerator as it is unreachable even at the best of time due to the refrigerator blocking it. Electrical appliances are taking over our world. I’m not even going to talk about, at least not yet, about all the other electrical devices I own and use and how they use up all my outlets and more everywhere else in my apartment. And, I do want to get a few more appliances such as a clothes press so I don’t have to use a steam iron or take my clothes to a dry cleaners.

My health continues to get worse without my feeling worse because of it. Very soon I am going to have to undergo another colonoscopy due to various problem discovered recently. In addition I am now taking more pills. I am 67 years old and wish my health was better. Very little of what is wrong with me actually makes me feel bad, except when I think about it. Anybody want to trade physical bodies with me?

Cleaning out fifty years of accumulated “stuff” is hard but needs to get done. I have books that I haven’t read in probably over thirty years and a few that I have read to destruction. I have mentioned that I want to get down to about 2000 books and maybe fewer. Stuff accumulates at a rate that I don’t note nor pay much attention to. I am sure it is similar for everyone else. Thoreau railed against “stuff” and pointed out that “stuff” owns us, not we it. And I begin to think he is right. I have clothes that I will never wear again, clothes that I cannot fit into and probably will never be able to fit into, and yet, there they hang in my closet. Half or more of my closet is taken up by clothes I will never wear again. Two-thirds of my bookshelves are filled with books I need to get rid of. I have old, and broken, computers and printers that need to go. I have “stuff” and it is hard to eliminate the “stuff” I do not need or use.

There is a new TV program tonight, the start of a series, that looks interesting. The last new TV series that I found interesting only lasted one season but if I find this one interesting I hope it lasts. I have a stair-stepper placed so that if I watch TV I can exercise while doing so. I need the exercise. I weigh about 265 pounds (120 Kg) (19 Stone) and I need to get down to around 180-200 pounds. Two point two pounds per Kg and fourteen pounds per Stone as I remember it. Why do the British use the Stone measurement anyway? Other than it sounds exotic.


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