January 8, 2017

January 7, 2017

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Saturday evening and here I am. It has been a cool day here in Tucson and that means my arm is sore. I broke the humerus in my right arm about three and a half years ago and it has never healed right. So, cold weather, changing weather and humid weather all work to make the badly healed break hurt. Plus, today I have been clearing out some of my excess books and I picked up too many at once.

I’m watching an NFL game right now, actually the game is a blowout and I am just listening to it and barely paying attention. The two teams are the Texans and the Raiders. The Texans are in the AFC North Division, where my Bengals are, and so during the regular season I would want them to lose any game they were in. But this is the playoffs and they played (the game just finished as I write this) was the Raiders and I have never liked the Raiders. I don’t know why, but I have always thought of them as a dirty team So, I cheered for the Texans and they won.

I did get a video uploaded to YouTube. Now I have another ready for Monday. I do want to get into a rhythm that I keep. The more regular I am in uploading the more likely I will gather subscribers. Also, the more likely I will make an argument that helps grow the Libertarian Party.

I am collecting toys for Toys4Tots. I will be collecting these toys over the year and thus will have a nice collection for December, rather than the one or two toys I have donated over the last few years. I have had a good life as the saying goes so giving back is something that gives me a good feeling. Plus, it is a form of worship for me as a Christian. I used to work in my church’s food pantry for the same reason.

Now that the election season is over, and it is almost time for the Inauguration, I believe I can focus on my writing. I am still writing HIGH TREASON and THE GOD’S TALE. One in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Plus, I am editing GENERATION UPON GENERATION for the second time By the time I post HIGH TREASON I should have enough posted so that I can point to my posts as an example of my writing and perhaps make it easier to get published.

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