January 3, 2017

January 2, 2017

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It is 2017 all over the world now. So far I haven’t messed up and continued using 2016 anywhere. So, Happy New Year to any and all who read this post.

I spent most of the day cleaning up my apartment, I hate doing housework. The cold weather and the work have made my arm very sore. In fact, it hurts a lot. About three years ago I broke my upper right arm, a spiral fracture, and had a rod put in to help it heal. It never healed right and so my arm is weaker than it could be. And when that arm is tired, it hurts a lot. It hurts a little all the time but when I use it a lot, carrying something heavy or a lot of lifting or other repetitive work (other than typing where I do not use the upper arm very much) it gets sore, painful even.

I did get some writing done this morning. I didn’t work on HIGH TREASON or GENERATION UPON GENERATION but instead I worked on THE GOD’S TALE. Once I finish the Jesip Elder series I am going to just do short stories on christophercolesite.wordpress.com and start trying to get my noels published. If I get some published it will make it easier for me to concentrate on my writing I hope. I really wish someone would visit that site and comment on my writing, I want the feedback.

The weather here in Tucson is cold, cold for here that is. Yes, I know it gets much colder elsewhere but I don’t live elsewhere, I live here and it is cold for here. It has rained a bit so far this year, we are actually ahead of the 30-year average for the first day of 2017 and for all of 2016. Tucson was in a drought for over twenty years, probably even thirty years, so catching up is a good thing. And for the most part, the rain we got all last year and so far this year has been a good soaking rain, not the heavy rain where most of the rainfall does not soak into the ground and recharge the aquifer but runs off elsewhere. But one reason we need so much rain is that the population of Tucson, actually Pima County, is about five times what the normal rainfall can support. Thus the need to import a lot of water from the Colorado River through hundreds of miles of desert.

Football season is almost over, just the playoffs and the Super Bowl left. The Bengals did very badly this year. I hope that they are not going to go through another long stretch of poor play before getting good again. They are my team and I want them to win and play good. I have been a fan for almost fifty years now. Good times and bad I have stayed a fan. In a way I know how the Chicago Cubs fans feel, but they have had it this was for about a hundred years before the Cubs won the World Series. I am 67 years old, I can’t wait another fifty years, and I don’t want to wait another twenty for the Bengals to return to the Super Bowl, and this time win it.

Tomorrow I chew out the Pima County Board of Supervisors. I do this so often that I think that they no longer listen to me. I do not know who many people watch the proceedings on television or watch the live stream on their computers but I think that I actually speak to those people. One thing that is on the agenda tomorrow is for the Supervisors to get sworn in to their office. Another item on the agenda is to give the County Administrator a raise. He already make too much and costs the County too much in his schemes.

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