January 31, 2017

January 31, 2017

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Spent most of today waiting for things to happen. Some didn’t and some did. I did not go apartment hunting because I needed to do laundry and that was a mess up, not a major one but one none the less; in addition I was expecting to be playing TTRPG today and found out that I had the day wrong, it is tomorrow. I did get the laundry done and I did search my storage lockers for my spare cane but did not find it. Tomorrow I will have to buy a new one. Tomorrow I am also going apartment hunting again, I’ll just have to end early enough for the game.

I did work on THE GOD’S TALE and got into a major plot point. But the word count is way too thin, unless the story bulks up after this I am going to have to go through the story and add details, and expand points. Nothing new with that, I do that all the time with my stories. I am starting to think about some of my other novels and how to work them. If I concentrate I will be working easily for the rest of my life without adding a single new novel to the list. And I know that I will come up with ideas in the future that I will want to write out.

I read through the short story I accidently put into this blog instead of christophercolesite.wordpress.com and caught a few typos. I also made a few changes that I believe make the story better.



January 30, 2017

January 30, 2017

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President Trump has not started rounding up anyone, nor has he launched a nuclear war, actually he hasn’t started any wars, and all the left is going nuts.

Spent most of today hunting an apartment. The eviction keeps getting me turned down. Even when I just look at listings, my USAF retirement check is gone with security deposits and first month’s rent. Security deposits are so high that it is almost two months rent. I am going to have to look at much cheaper apartments in less desirable areas. Yes, it is primarily my fault but still.

I am going to be writing tonight for most of the evening. I need to separate the printouts for DREADNOUGHT and GENERATION UPON GENERATION so I can post the first and edit the second. HIGH TREASON is still going to be worked on. What I want to do is be posting one novel, editing the second and writing the rough draft of the third. HIGH TREASON is presently in third place and ELDER’S DILEMA is coming up next. Once that is done, chriostophercolesite.wordpress.com will be just for short stories I think and I will finish out THE GOD’S TALE for regular publication, followed by MAGIC IN THE MONASTRY and the HOUSE FOURTEEN series.

January 29, 2017

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Church was not too bad, the Assistant Rector gave a sermon that was too political for my taste but otherwise it was OK. After the service there was the Annual Meeting and I heard tell of a problem brewing that I did not like. Grace-St. Paul’s is the combination of two other parishes – Grace Church (the first Episcopal Church in Arizona) and St. Paul’s (formed right after WW II). The first Rector of the combined parish retired a few years ago and there was a search for a new Rector. The result of the search is the present Rector, the Reverend Steve Keplinger who I have disagreements with. There is a small group who want to fire him and undergo another Rector search. Just what we need, to start on a reputation for churning clergy. If we keep doing this, no one will want to come to the parish and it will die. So, since I could not stay for the meeting, I cast my ballot for certain candidates for the Vestry who are not committed to getting rid of the Rector, not that any of the candidates openly said anything about this last week when they were making their campaign speeches. I like politics but sneaking behind to stab someone in the back I do not like. And, these are supposed to be Christians. But, there is the chance that I was informed wrong. Especially since I heard about this only today.

Table-Top-Role-Playing today. The campaign is one that I am not a fan of but I enjoy the company of the people I play with and can put up with some unease for that reason. The game session was a good one, with little of what I do not like, and the interaction between the players was fun.

I should be posting again on my other blog site starting this Thursday since I recovered the printout of DREADNOUGHT. That I will enjoy.

January 28, 2017

January 28, 2017

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Laundry day, since I don’t have a lot of clothes with me, this happens often. So, naturally, the machines at the complex where I am crashed are broken and I have to walk a short distance, thankfully, in order to do my clothes. With luck I will be out of this apartment and into my own soon.

A quiet day, no nuclear war, no massive roundups of whichever minority groups are protesting today. So, I guess a lot of predictions were wrong. I do not like President Trump, his policies for the most part, but the man himself I could not care less about. Most of his policies are statist and thus I oppose them but the man is probably no worse than a lot of Presidents we have had over the last 230 years or so.

I did get some writing done on HIGH TREASON this morning and may get some done tonight. However a guest is arriving and I may visit with him.

Short post, since I am not doing a lot, I don’t have a lot to post about.

January 27, 2017

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Spent almost all day moving out of my old apartment and putting everything in storage. Everything except what I threw away. There was a lot of books that I threw away as well as a bunch of other stuff. I did not hear from the management company of the apartment I am most interested in like they promised so I will have to call them tomorrow, if they are open (and they should be), or Monday. I rented two storage units and filled both up, if I hadn’t thrown so much away it would have taken three or four. Fifty years of accumulation and I dumped so much of it.

One thing I did get is the printout of DREADNOUGHT so I can start posting that again. I also got the printout of GENERATION UPON GENERATION so I can continue to edit that. I intend to continue to write HIGH TREASON and THE GOD;S TALE the former for posting and the later for submitting.

The weather was, at least, nice. Kind of. It was cold in the morning and barely warmed up. I had a sweatshirt on and never needed to take it off because it was too warm. But the weather wasn’t too cold either. If it wasn’t for what I was doing, I would have enjoyed it a lot more than I did.



January 26, 2017

January 26, 2017

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Out and about today trying to find a new apartment and the leads I followed were all dead ends. Well, maybe one might not be, I’ll find out tomorrow. I have to find a place soon, I am getting tired of crashing on a chair in the living room of friends. It would be easier if the bus service here in Tucson were better.

The weather is still cold for Tucson. That is another thing I am tired of.

I am still working on my writing. I wish I could do nothing but write but since I live alone, that isn’t going to happen. I am the one who does shopping and I am the one who has to go to the doctor for my illnesses and pains, and so forth. I enjoy writing and I hope I am good at it. I hope I bring enjoyment to others.

Not a lot to say today. More tomorrow.

January 25, 2017

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I spent all day at the Pima County Elections Department working on the Risk Limiting Audit test. When I first learned about the concept, I thought it was useful. Today I learned otherwise. I can see where it might be useful in certain, limited, situations but as a general audit system, no. Take that “no” as strong as you want and it will probably be not strong enough.

I did meet the new EIC member, since one of the members of the Board of Supervisors retired and a new Supervisor is now representing that District, the new Supervisor appointed a replacement member to the EIC. Ken is a nice guy and I think he has a good idea what our mission is and how to accomplish it. There is trouble with the Chairman of the EIC, one member might resign due to conflicts with the Chair, so I hope we can get business done in spite of it.

I look at a new apartment tomorrow but I think it is well out of my way. I will talk with the person tomorrow and see if I cannot get something more reasonable, closer to where I am storing my gear. If I cannot, well, I will grab what I can just to stop crashing at my friends’ place. Sleeping on a chair is not comfortable. I had a chance to buy my mother’s home in 1992 and I kick myself for not going for it. It was a townhome, the middle of three, but I would have clear title to it by now. Hindsight is murder sometimes.

The weather continues cold and I continue aching. I am 67 years old and on days like today, and those recently past, I feel like I am 167 years old. Summer is hot in Tucson, but the heat does not bother me as much as the cold does.

January 24, 2017

January 24, 2017

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Yet another day goes by and no nuclear war, no mass round-up of minorities, no martial law. Gee, could the opponents of President Trump be wrong?

Still looking for a new apartment. Eviction does do a lot to reduce the opportunities. I will make it through this rough spot though.

I spent most of today running around trying to get tasks done and finding it hard to do because the bus service takes so much time. It does not help when I get to a bus stop just after the bus pulls away and I have to wait for the next one as much as half an hour later. Sitting at an open bus stop with the cold wind blowing is no fun.

The cold weather is wrecking havoc with my joints and the not-properly healed break in my right arm. Now the shoulder where the rod was inserted is acting up as well. It is January and this is going to continue for another couple of months probably. Wouldn’t it be nice to able to just go “Bippity, Boppity, Boo” and fix any problem? Unfortunately, life does not work that way.

Tomorrow the Pima County Election Integrity Commission starts our test of the Risk Limiting Audit System. Unfortunately, the Berkley professor who developed the idea, and who was scheduled to be with us to help understand it, is going to be in Ohio for a court case where he is an expert witness. I am looking forward to the test but I do wish he would be here as I might have questions.


January 23, 2017

January 23, 2017

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Here it is Monday and as of yet there has been no nuclear war, not massive roundup of opponents of the Trump presidency, no martial law. What gives? A totalitarian regime should have been ion place by now. Where is the violence? Oh, it exists but it is, so far, directed against Trump supporters or assumed supporters. Reported hate crimes are up but there is no evidence for most of the reports as to the perpetrators of the hate crimes. There is a significant number that are “false flag” reports, that is where someone does a hate crime in order to frame their opponents. One of the three men I have crashed with spent a great deal of time yesterday complaining about Trump’s suits, his ties, his hair and his bad spray-on tan. I ignore that and concentrate on his policies, some of which I like and most of whish I don’t. At least, so far.

I spent a lot of today running around, shopping and so forth. Nothing yet on a new apartment.

I haven’t yet done any writing today but intend to get it done tonight. I do not write to an outline so I get surprised sometimes by where the story goes. DREADNOUGHT started out as a “Oh wow, a travel story” but ended up as something else entirely. MAGIC IN THE MONASTRY started out similar. ENTRANCE EXAMINATION is the only story I have done recently that stayed true to the original concept.

The weather is making my joints and the break in my arm that hasn’t healed properly ache something horrible. When the weather changes or is cold for too long this is what happens. For those of you who are thinking of getting old, mind your joints and bones.


January 22, 2017

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It is a cold day in Tucson, and I am getting tired of cold weather. The weather is hurting my joints and my arm where the break didn’t heal properly. Right now my knees ache and there isn’t a lot I can do to make it stop except wait it out. I do not like cold weather and I like it less the older I get.

Church this morning was as I expected. The Inauguration was last Friday and a large portion of the congregation is still flakey from the election last November. Far too many of the congregation are so tied up with their politics that effectively their brain is shut down.

Worked up a new character for a new campaign, the Shadowrun campaign is dead. I like the game system but it was too much for the guy running the campaign. I am tired of D&D regardless of which version it is. But the group I am with like it and I do not want to ruin it for them, I enjoy playing TTRPGs with them. I just thought about how long I have been playing TTRPGs, since the summer of 1977. The first time I was at Bitburg AB Germany was when I started playing. That is well over half my life. So, with the work on a new campaign today and church this morning, that is it for now.

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