December 31, 2016

December 30, 2016

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Friday evening, just tomorrow and the rest of today is 2016. Sunday I have to remember to change the dates I use to 2017. I don’t normally have trouble with the change of the year but I am getting older so who knows.

As a retired military, I got paid today. It used to be that if the first of the month fell on a holiday or on a weekend, we got paid the next business day. A few years ago that was changed so that now instead of the next business day it is the previous business day. Since the 1st of January is on a Sunday, today is payday. I got a lot done today, not as much as I would like but I did get a lot done. Including a visit to the vampires. You know, the technicians who take blood for the medical blood tests. I hate needles, and having to inject myself twice a day with insulin doesn’t help any. So I sway in the chair fighting off a panic attack while the technician took her time getting the paperwork done. I made it.

I am working on three novels at once, something I haven’t done in ages. I am posting DREADNOUGHT, editing GENERATION UPON GENERATION and writing HIGH TREASON. Once DREADNOUGHT is finished posting, I should have GENERATION UPON GENERATION ready for posting and HIGH TREASON ready for editing. That is when I start writing ELDER’S DILEMMA. Once the five books in the Jesip Elder series is done, I will go back to either MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY or THE GOD’S TALE.  But I want the Jesip Eder series finished and posted before sending something off as I want to show that I can do a series and that I am not some flitterby pretender.

The weather here in Tucson is still cold but not too bad. At least we are getting some rain, we may end up the year reaching the 30-year average. We were ahead for most of the year but in the Fall, we fell behind. Do I sound fixated on the weather? Well, Tucson and the surrounding county has about 1 million resident and our water table can support about a third of that with normal rainfall to recharge the water table. We are getting water brought in from hundreds of miles away just to support our population. So, I fixate on the rainfall.

I look at all the books I have and wonder how I am going to get the total down to about 2,000 books. I see so many that I want to keep even though I haven’t read them for ages. But I have to get rid of about half my library in order to fit my bookshelves. So, I have to be ruthless. Which brings the question, what is “ruth” that ruthless is the opposite of? I grew up with English but even then I get confused with some of the weirdness of the language. How come we can be overwhelmed or underwhelmed but not whelmed? I think I will start using whelm and its forms just to be different. I changed my pronunciation of “either” years ago from “eether” to “ither” as a deliberate choice just to be different and the general population has been making the change as well. I haven’t thought about it, but I do like having a little speech peculiarity.


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