December 27, 2016

December 27, 2016

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As a member of a liturgical church, one that has a regular liturgy and a calendar year, this is the third day of the Christmas Season.

Just a few more days until the new year starts and I start having trouble remembering what year it is. Calendars are nice but sometimes I wish, although not too strongly, that they had never been invented. It would be nice to float along without worrying what the date is or what the year is. But then there would probably be a lot more to complain about; which is why I never seriously consider the idea, it is just a fantasy. And not a real good one either.

The weather is still chilly. I feel it more this year than I remember ever feeling it in the past. I think I am getting old. I am, after all, 67 years old as of last October. Maybe next year I will get the heater checked out and running. My apartment has a combined unit, air conditioning and heater, but I have not used the heater for years. Mainly because the gas company requires that I keep the gas going all year and the only thing I use the gas for is the heater. So, after about March and until about November, I don’t use it but I still have to pay a fee to keep the account pen. And if I close the account in March and re-open it in November I would have to pay a start-up fee that would equal the amount I would have paid if I had kept the account open the whole time.

I spent today cleaning up in the apartment. I hate housecleaning. My apartment is two bedrooms, a living room, a galley kitchen and a bathroom. I use the larger of the two bedrooms as a living room / office and the smaller one as my bedroom. However, the mattress set I bought about five years ago, and tested in the store, I cannot sleep on. It took only a few months for me to realize that I could not sleep on it, it wasn’t sudden but gradual over that time, and so I sleep on a camp cot in the living room and the bed has become a storage space. And I paid $800 for that mattress set. Once I clean all the stuff off of it I will throw the mattress set away and move the cot into that room. Then I can clean up the living room and use it for what it was intended for. If it weren’t for all the stuff I have, I could probably live in a much smaller apartment; this one is 740 square feet which is 83 square meters if I remember my math correctly. I could probably live in half that space without the stuff I have. Which is one reason I am getting rid of so many books, I don’t read them and for the most part I am no longer interested in the subject, so why keep them.



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