December 25, 2016

December 25, 2016

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Today is the first day of the Christmas Season. But, today is the end of the Christmas Season you say. It is the end of the secular Christmas Season and the start of the religious Christmas Season. Today is the first of twelve day in the Christmas Season, thus the season ends on January 5th of next year. January 6th is, of course, Epiphany which is a different religious season.

Last night I enjoyed two church services, the 5 PM family service and the 10 PM Midnight Mass. It ended before midnight but I can understand the rector wanting an extra hour of sleep. Between yesterday and today he was run ragged. Tuesday I have to go by church and retrieve my umbrella. It was raining so hard as I went to church that I was surprised the street were not flooded. I kept it close by me most of the evening but at the coffee hour after the service I set it on a window ledge and although I kept reminding myself to not forget it, I forgot it. I could have gone to the 10AM service today and got it but I slept in and missed the chance. The church is closed tomorrow so Tuesday is my chance. Presuming I don’t forget again and lose it forever.

The Bengals played last night and so I recorded the game. I did not want to see any reports of the score so that I could watch the game as if it were live. So, what did my ISP do? On the homepage there was a notice of the game result with a photo to catch my eye. I watched the game anyway today The Bengals have been killing themselves with penalties. Both the offense and the defense played well for the most part but penalties, especially those against the defense, were horrible. Five years of excellent play, except that the Bengals did not win a playoff game in that time, and it looks like this is the end of it I hope that the Bengals can recover their good play next season.

I got a title for the last book in the Jesip Elder series. I was talking with a friend of mine, who is also a writer, and mentioned that I hadn’t a title and gave a basic idea of the plot of the book. He came up with a title and that inspired me to change one word and I have the title: ELDER’S DILEMNA. I am something of a loner but interacting with others is nice.


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