December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve, 2016

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It is shortly after noon here in Tucson and I am getting ready for church tonight. The times have changed for this year, moved forward an hour, and that puts a bit of a crimp in my normal plans for Christmas Eve but I will make do. I slept late this morning, in part because I will stay up late tonight and therefore do not want to get sleepy too soon. The early service, for families, has moved from 6 PM to 5 PM and the late or “Midnight Mass” service was moved to 10 PM from 11 PM. Since I will be helping with the late service, I do not want to be all sleepy while doing so. After the late service there will be a gathering in the parish hall for an hour or two. Tomorrow there will be just the one service, at 10 AM, which is the usual Sunday service I attend but I will probably skip tomorrow in favor of sleeping in a bit.

I live alone and so events like Christmas do not have the usual family-type connotations for me. Yes, I have a brother and most of his family living her in Tucson but he and I have never been close. I see him once in a while but now his work takes him on the road a lot and since I do not know his schedule, neither does he until close to a shift, that is another reason to not go over there as often as I might. He was, once upon a time, a repertory therapist but he got upset with the company he worked for and quit, or retired I never asked, and now he is a truck driver. He and his wife deliver RVs all across the country. So, they are gone for as much as a couple of weeks at a time and get notified of a shift a few days in advance, I forget just how long an advance warning they get. One of his children and his family live in the house and keep it while my brother and his wife are gone. A good deal all around for them.

The weather here is nice, cold but no snow. Granted it rarely snows in Tucson although it does snow in the mountains immediately to the north of Tucson, the Santa Catalina mountains often enough for a natural snow ski resort to exist. Our rainfall is good, a slight bit low but close enough to the 30-year average for me.

So, to all those who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas, and for any who celebrate Hanukah, which I believe starts at sundown today, Happy Hanukah. (However you spell if in any language other than Hebrew.)



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