December 20, 2016

December 19, 2016

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So the Electoral College voted today and Trump wins. Maybe the crybabies will shut up now. I doubt it but I can hope. I uploaded a video to YouTube today on just that subject. I like being involved with politics but sometimes too much is too much The old chair has just gotten too tired of the job. At least, that is what I think I will stay in the office I presently hold and have held for a couple of years now

Yesterday I played TTRPG with friends, the campaign system is the latest version of D&D and it is OK I guess. We aren’t playing Shadowrun for a while due to personal issues with the family of the guy who is running it. I want to play Shadowrun, I like the system much more than D&D in any version. Right now I play in two D&D campaigns and am waiting for Shadowrun to return. I think I may be in too many campaigns if I am going to keep writing.

Speaking of my writing, the last bout of writing I did on HIGH TREASON surprised me I had worked out what the scene was going to be and when I wrote it I found that I wrote something completely different. I can salvage what I want to write though, just in a slightly different form. I once tried to do a story starting with an outline and working from that. I never finished it but I still know the story and want to finish it soe day soon. What I do when writing is to just let the words flow and pound it into shape while editing, which is what I am doing now with GENERATION UPON GENERATION.

Tomorrow is a day that I think I can spend all day writing HIGH TREASON and editing GENERATION UPON GENERATION until it is time to head off to the Libertarian meeting The meeting is at a nice little Greek Café with some pretty good food However, due to circumstances, I am broke and will probably skip eating there and just buy a drink.  I do want to support the café but the situation prevents.

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