December 16, 2016

December 15, 2016

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Sixteen days left in 2016. For me here is Tucson, it is now a quarter after 9 PM but according to the little note down on the bottom right of this screen it is 4:14 AM wherever WordPress is located. Since Mountain Standard Time (Most of Arizona never leaves MST) is GMT -7 and the two times are seven hours apart, my guess is that it is somewhere in Great Britain. There is one nice thing about never leaving Standard Time, I don’t have to worry about changing my clocks forward or back an hour. I wonder how many people are injured or killed each year due to the change in clock time messing with their biological clock. I was born, and live eleven years, in Indiana which is a two-time-zone State. The dividing line ran right down the center of the State, dividing Indianapolis as I remember. Back then each county determined if they went on DST or not. So, some counties could have not just a one hour difference due to part being Eastern Time Zone and part being Central Time Zone but if the CTZ went on DST (which usually happened) and the ETZ didn’t (which usually happened also) then the time difference went to two hours. The State Legislature finally stepped in and mandated uniform rules, I forget when, and all ETZ areas never went to Daylight Saving and all CTZ did. If any area codes, for telephones, crossed the time zone boundaries, which I am sure at least some did, there would be a lot of confusion making calls.

The only part of Arizona that does go to Daylight Saving is the Navaho Nation up in the most north-east part of Arizona. Yes, Navaho Nation. What most people do not realize is that the various tribal nations are semi-independent nations. To a certain extant, and more so than the fifty States, they are sovereign nations separate from the United States of America. And another thing most people do not realize is that the fifty States are supposed to be separate nations in a federation not provinces. In 1787 the words “State” and “Nation” had the same meaning, and State still is used to mean the same as Nation today. The United States of America can be called the United Nations of America just as validly.

I didn’t get much done today, first there was grocery shopping and then there was an extended session of TTRPG. We started at 1PM and went until just before 8PM. We stopped an hour early because one player was having mental problems. He is normally on medication but either he is out or missed today’s dose or the medication wasn’t working. I didn’t ask. He was hyper almost all session and it got worse as time went on. So, we quit early. He is a nice guy and I have been gaming with him and his husband for years. I have even helped with an intervention a few years ago to get him to medical treatment. He is also a good artist and if I ever decide to go to web comics, and I have a couple in mind, I would want him to do the drawing while I do the writing.



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