December 15, 2016

December 14, 2016

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I have not been feeling well all day today. Nothing serious I think, but just the “crud” or something similar. So, I didn’t do a lot today, I tended to stay in bed and feel lousy.

I did get some writing done, not a lot but some. Even though I felt lousy I did work on HIGH TREASON, more thinking and plotting than writing but I did it. When I wrote the first version of GENERATION UPON GENERATION decades ago I had to scrap it due to the fall of the USSR. So I spent a lot of time doing background for the universe. Now, I think I am going to scrap a lot of that background for the last two books in this series. The funny thing is, scrapping the background material that I will scrap does not really affect the story lines. It just pushes the last story line a bit forward in time. However, since no one but me will ever see the background material, it does not matter does it?

I look forward to the new year. At least there isn’t a lot of electioneering that will be going on either locally or nationally. Don’t get me wrong, I like politics, but the hate and mudslinging was horrible; and the Republicans were almost as bad. Here in Arizona the next big election is the Governor’s race in 2018. I don’t think that there is anything happening in 2017. I have been looking at some YouTube videos and reading some articles on fraud that happened in the General Election. I have been worrying about election fraud for years and seeing proof come out this year is gratifying in one sense but disgusting in another. I spent 20 years on active duty defending this?

I think I will buy myself a bottle of The Glen Levitt for Christmas. My nose does not work right, so I have a very bland sense of taste. Most things I cannot smell and of the few that I can smell, I dislike the smell of most of them. The Glen Levitt is one of the rare things that I can smell and that I like. I haven’t had a bottle for a couple of years so this will be a treat. In the past, and how I intend to do this now, I have poured myself a glass and sipped on it all afternoon. However, since I have to be careful about my evening blood glucose tests, I will have to quit sipping about 3PM or so. Therefore I will start around noon and pour a smaller amount. Before I would sip until 6PM or so. The glass would sit next to my computer and I would enjoy the smell as much as the taste.


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