December 14, 2016

December 13, 2016

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Another nice day but I know cold weather will be here shortly. So, when that happens I will just stay indoors as much as I can. I do the same thing during the summer heat. I spent about half my USAF career working on the flight line fixing aircraft in all sorts of weather. When I was in SEA I would often have to take cover under the aircraft, or inside the aircraft when I was working on an AC-130, so I now like the idea of staying out of the weather when it is bad. When I was stationed here in Tucson or in Las Vegas it was the heat that I often had to take cover from and heat is much harder to take cover from except by going inside to an air conditioned place. And as a child, I loved walking in the rain.

I got some done on GENERATION UPON GENERATION and HIGH TREASON today. I like working on HIGH TREASON but then I like working on any new book. It is the rewriting that gets to me. I am going through GENERATION UPON GENERATION and making changes for the better but that seems a bit boring; it isn’t, but compared to writing something for the first time it isn’t nearly as much fun.

One nice thing about writing is that, like reading, I can step away to do something and if I wasn’t away long enough to lose my train of thought, I can jump right back in to whatever I am writing.

Normally I spend my evenings watching a video because I do not want to get burned out with my writing. I have a large collection of videos, movies, documentaries, and TV shows. I grew up watching Red Skelton and I love watching his shows. He is the only comic I know of who can laugh at his own jokes without it seeming wrong. He was also a master of breaking the 4th wall. He could do all this without being condescending to the watchers. He was just helping the audience enjoy the skit as much as he was enjoying it.

I own three of these “military-grade” flashlights that are so heavily advertised. They are as good as advertised but two of them have rechargeable batteries, but only one came with a charger, and the batteries are going bad already. The third uses AAA batteries and I don’t have rechargeable batteries for that one. But, even though I hate recommending anything, those flashlights are better than any I have had before.

I am still eliminating unwanted books from my collection. A few each day for each trash bag. I hope to get down to a reasonable level, say 2,000 books, by the end of 2017. I would have said this year but I realized just what the date is today. Where did the year go? It seems like summer was just last week. Granted, it feels like summer here in Tucson longer than the calendar would indicate. Which reminds me, I have to get my 2017 calendars. I have one on the wall above the desk I use, one on another wall in the room I use for an office and a third next to the kitchen. Clocks are in about the same position so I can check the date and the time with little effort. I am not someone who has dozens of clocks or calendars out of a fear that I won’t know the date or the time. I have enough for checking the date or time when I am in a spot in my apartment where I tend to spend a lot of time.


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