December 13, 2016

December 12, 2016

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I visit the internet a lot, I am on it now – can’t you tell? And on many pages I find advertising, which I don’t mind as sometimes the advertisements are for something I am interested in. But so many advertisements are mini-videos any more. Which, again I don’t mind as a general rule as they are often funny, but too many on a page makes the page either load slow or not at all. And that I mind. Adverting is necessary otherwise commerce dies. I look at advertising when it is for something I am interested in or might need or want. I am not interested in advertising for women’s shoes for example but for men’s clothes I am. Interesting and / or tricky advertising I will watch as well even if I am not interested in the product. So, to repeat my point, advertising that slows up or stops a webpage I am interested in is a “bad thing” and a strike goes against the advertiser.

I watched the Bengals / Browns game today, it played yesterday but I recorded it. While I am happy that the Bengals won, I feel sorry for the Browns. They are on track for a winless season and that is never good. Winners and losers will always be with us, but I do not have to gloat over a loser.

The General Election for 2016 is over, except for the shouting and the crying. And there is a lot of shouting and crying. One shout that keeps coming up is that Clinton won the popular vote. So what? First, she won 20 States and if her margin of victory in California is reduced to the average of her margin of victory in the other 19 States, Trump wins the popular vote by over half a million votes. Second, America is not a democracy but a Republic – no mob rule here. Third, there is not one National Presidential election but 50 National Presidential elections. I guess the Democrats are trying the old bit of “If you repeat a big lie often enough, people will believe it.”

The weather continues nice here. It is all right to look at snow and even occasionally play in it, but I do not want to live in it. Maybe if my family had never moved from Indianapolis and I grew up with it, it would be different. But I do not want to live in snow.

I am still getting rid of books I no longer want. Maybe I should just presume that I will continue to do this and not mention it until I have finished and let you know then how many books I have left. I’ll think about it.

I got some writing done on HIGH TREASON. I threw away the opening I had done and did something which I think is better. Every time I visit my writing, I want to change something, sometimes for the better. But since I make the changes in private, who could tell that the changes are for the better or worse other than me? And I obviously think that they are for the better.


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