December 9, 2016

December 9, 2016

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It is still cold here in Tucson, but I do not know if the cold is below the 30-year average or not. I just know that I do not like the idea of it being cold. I am getting old and the cold bothers me more than the summer heat does. And with the cold weather, one can layer more clothes on to adjust for the chill, one cannot take more clothes off to adjust for the heat. At least, there is a physical limit as well as a legal / social limit to removing clothes.

Yesterday I slept for around twelve hours, in two bouts separated by about fifteen minutes of wakefulness. My sleeping is so erratic that I wonder if I will ever et back to what is considered normal as far as sleeping is concerned. I doubt I would ever be considered normal in the conventional sense, I have too many oddball habits.

My TTRPG group is moving the game sessions from Saturday to Sunday. So, now I have Saturday to fill and what I do on Sundays will get shunted to Mondays. Which means, probably, that Sunday and Monday will be my weekend for the next few months and Saturday will be my Friday. Since I like American Football and this change will last at least until Super Bowl LI this might become a problem, I doubt that the Bengals will reach the playoffs, much less the Super Bowl itself, but I still like to watch the game. I watched the Thursday night game last night and the team I rooted for won, a rare occasion nowadays it seems. Not that I was a fan of either team, I just picked one and rooted for them during the game. The game is over, so I no longer root for them unless I pick them again in some future game where one of my favorite teams is not playing.

I am involved in politics, I am an officer in my local political party. And I have been for some time. But I am getting disgusted with the reaction to the last General Election. “But Clinton won the popular vote!” Hillary Clinton won 20 States and if her margin of victory in California was reduced to the average of her margins in the other 19 States, Donald Trump wins the popular vote by about half a million votes. California does not, and should not, be the determinate for President, unless the race is so close that a single State, large or small, determines the winner. The United States of America is a republic not a democracy. I hate the idea of mob rule. I get emails from various left-wing organizations pleading for money so that they can take down Trump. If anyone had done that, and I don’t remember either way, when President Obama first got elected these same people would have been screaming and trying to stop it. It all depends on whose ox is getting gored I guess.



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