December 7, 2016

December 6, 2016

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I did a lot of running around today with very little to show for it, although I did sort through some of my books and set some aside for eliminating. Tucson is a very spread out city and the bus system does not run often enough nor to enough places for what I so often need to do. I sold my car in 1994 because I never needed it and now I need it. For example, it takes about one and a half hours and three buses to get to the VA Medical Center from where I lice but I could do it in half an hour with a car and so forth

I didn’t get any writing done today. I did do a lot of thinking about HIGH TREASON while on the bus and I have the villain identified and the opening scene thought through, and the basic plot. Once I have finished going over GENERATION UPON GENERATION I can get started on it. I don’t know what title I am going to give the fifth and last book in the series but I am presently leaning toward THE END but don’t hold me to that.

The weather remains cold here and I am looking forward to Spring. Yes, I know that Summer follows Spring and here in Tucson the Summer can be brutal. But Spring and Autumn are the two seasons I enjoy the most here in Tucson. We didn’t have much of an Autumn but I can look forward to Spring.

The computer I am writing this on is getting old, old for a computer that is. The CD drive is broke and several of the keys skip when I hit them. I need a new computer but the money is the problem right now. There is also the problem of my writing. I use an older version of Microsoft Word for my writing and have no desire to upgrade. The version I have now has too many features for me, features I will never use. The latest version will have even more features that I won’t use. So, when I get a new computer I will have to hunt down a new word processing program that I can translate my documents to. Technology is great – until it isn’t.

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