December 6, 2016

December 5, 2016

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It is cold here in Tucson. Maybe not by the standards of Maine or Upstate New York, or Norway, but cold for here. Being in the desert it gets warm during the day and cold at night. So, going out to do grocery shopping early in the day I have to dress warmer than I need to be just a couple of hours later. Taking public transportation and not a private car means that I have no place to put a sweatshirt when I no longer need it. So, I have to balance the two sets of temperatures in what I wear or start later when the heat difference is not so much. But brings its own problems. I need to break down and get a car or motor scooter or something. Years ago I sold my car because I wasn’t using it, now I need it and don’t have it. I have been living here in Tucson for almost 30 years and I was stationed at the Air Base here for a few before that. If I had been able to find work in Upstate New York that paid decently I might never have left there and would now be sitting in my own home looking at the huge snow drifts along the road. Or maybe, I would have left because I couldn’t take the cold any more. Who knows.

I am still working on reducing the number of books I have and don’t read. That and general housekeeping. I hate housekeeping. I forget who said the line: You clean everything and six months later you have to do it again. I probably misquoted there but you get the idea. It would be nice to be able to cast a magic spell and everything gets instantly clean but that will neve happen. It’s a nice dream though, but a dream is all it is. I can tell the difference between fantasy and reality unlike some people.

I went grocery shopping today but had to cut it short without getting anything. I won’t mention the reason I had to cut it short but accept the fact that it involved having to throw away a pair of skivvies at the store and a pair of pants when I got home. So, shopping not tomorrow as I have a meeting to attend but Wednesday I try again. I have a slow cooker and a recipe for beef stew so I am going to start cooking that for the rest of the month Meat and vegetables combined with some great textures to boot. I am a simple man as far as meals go, especially since my nose does not work right and thus I have a very bland sense of taste. So, I don’t need fancy cooking. I plan on getting a recipe for chili and alternate with the beef stew. Maybe even some other simple slow cooker recipes as well. I am 67 years old, now is a strange time to learn to cook.



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