December 5, 2016

2nd Sunday in Advent, 2016

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I overslept today, perhaps trying to catch up on the sleep I have been missing over the last couple of weeks. I got no sleep Friday night and Saturday night / Sunday morning I slept a good twelve hours. This did not do more than make a dent in my backlog of missing sleep and I felt bad about oversleeping but it felt good to sleep that long. If it had only happened some other time. Why some other time? Because today, being the Sunday before Pearl Harbor Day, was the day I was to carry the American flag for Veterans’ Day, three weeks ago. I missed a chance to vent my annoyance at the insult made by a bunch of people triggered by the election.

I did watch the Bengals game and I am happy that they won. It is hard when you are a fan of a sports team and they lose. The fans of the Chicago Cubs, baseball, were glad this year that the Cubs won the World Series, breaking a losing streak going back over 100 years. A losing streak that may have instilled in them a perverse pleasure in not winning the World Series. Not being a fan of baseball, I don’t know if the Cubs even made it to the World Series in the last 100 years until this year.

I have been getting rid of some of the excess books I own. I throw away some books that I never read or no longer interest me each time I empty the trash can. If I keep this up I should get down to the 2,000 book goal sometime next year or so. The problem is that I do not want to throw too many books into the trash can at once as I am leery of ripping the bag liner. So, right now I have a small pile of books that are going into the trash sitting off to one side of my walk-in closet. As I increase that pile, and lower it by tossing books, I can clean up some of my bookshelf space and make it easier to find a book I am looking for. Right now I am looking for NOTEBOOKS OF LAZARUS LONG by Robert Heinlein. This book is a series of pithy sayings that Heinlein has one of his characters say. My favorite is: “Beware of strong drink, for it may make you shoot at tax collectors – and miss.”

I did get some work done on GENERATION UPON GENERATION today, not a lot but some. Tomorrow I will have to clean up some in my apartment. I hate housework. I also have to do some grocery shopping. I hate taking time from my writing. I may do a YouTube video, I am working on a couple right now but all this other stuff I have to do is preventing me from getting a lot done on them. I want to get into the rhythm of three a week but I am doing maybe three a month if that many. I have a lot of material I can speak on but finding the time is the problem.


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