December 2, 2016

December 1, 2016

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I did not post to my other blog last Thursday because of Thanksgiving and I didn’t today because it is the first of the month and I was running around all day getting stuff done. I even succeeded with some of what I was going to do. I failed at switching my mobile carrier however. The carrier I was going to switch to turned out to not be a good idea. I had spoken with one of the sales people a couple of weeks ago and I spoke to a different one today. Turns out that using a mobile phone for a hot spot and relying on the phone package data is more expensive than I thought. I wouldn’t save anything and I have no idea how much extra it would cost me. So, a lot of time wasted today.

I am going through GENERATION UPON GENERATION again and catching a lot of things I missed the first go through. Minor things mostly but a few points that I overlooked and needed to expand on. Maybe twice more and I’ll be ready to post it once DREADNOUGHT is finished posting. Then I have to get HIGH TREASON written. I have some ideas on it and have to start writing it to see what works.

I have just checked my blood glucose levels and they are low. Not yet to hypoglycemic levels, usually the first indication is that my back starts sweating without reason when I go into hypoglycemia. So, I am cooking a store-bought pizza. When I do this I always cut the pizza into four slices because I am never sure I could eat eight slices. (Yes, that was an intended joke.) I have been having several hypoglycemic incidents lately, usually in the middle of the night. I hate diabetes. I hate having diabetes. But ignoring it won’t make it go away.

I have about 4,000 books of various genres. That is too many since I read very few of them. So, I am throwing away a lot of them. I toss a few into the trash can each time I take the trash out and put a new liner in the can. Most of the books are so old that no one would consider them as collector’s items, they are paperback books. I am keeping a lot, but of fewer genres. I am getting rid of army books and navy books but keeping aircraft books, I am getting rid of general fiction (I never had that much anyway) and certain science-fiction books that I didn’t like either the book or author. Even some of my general history books are going away. I want to get the 4,000 down to about 2,000. I probably won’t make it but that is the goal. I even got rid of a lot of old computer programs that I will never use again. That trash bag was too heavy to carry out to the trash bin without tearing so I carried the can out and dumped the bag. Sometimes I am smart.


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