December 31, 2016

December 30, 2016

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Friday evening, just tomorrow and the rest of today is 2016. Sunday I have to remember to change the dates I use to 2017. I don’t normally have trouble with the change of the year but I am getting older so who knows.

As a retired military, I got paid today. It used to be that if the first of the month fell on a holiday or on a weekend, we got paid the next business day. A few years ago that was changed so that now instead of the next business day it is the previous business day. Since the 1st of January is on a Sunday, today is payday. I got a lot done today, not as much as I would like but I did get a lot done. Including a visit to the vampires. You know, the technicians who take blood for the medical blood tests. I hate needles, and having to inject myself twice a day with insulin doesn’t help any. So I sway in the chair fighting off a panic attack while the technician took her time getting the paperwork done. I made it.

I am working on three novels at once, something I haven’t done in ages. I am posting DREADNOUGHT, editing GENERATION UPON GENERATION and writing HIGH TREASON. Once DREADNOUGHT is finished posting, I should have GENERATION UPON GENERATION ready for posting and HIGH TREASON ready for editing. That is when I start writing ELDER’S DILEMMA. Once the five books in the Jesip Elder series is done, I will go back to either MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY or THE GOD’S TALE.  But I want the Jesip Eder series finished and posted before sending something off as I want to show that I can do a series and that I am not some flitterby pretender.

The weather here in Tucson is still cold but not too bad. At least we are getting some rain, we may end up the year reaching the 30-year average. We were ahead for most of the year but in the Fall, we fell behind. Do I sound fixated on the weather? Well, Tucson and the surrounding county has about 1 million resident and our water table can support about a third of that with normal rainfall to recharge the water table. We are getting water brought in from hundreds of miles away just to support our population. So, I fixate on the rainfall.

I look at all the books I have and wonder how I am going to get the total down to about 2,000 books. I see so many that I want to keep even though I haven’t read them for ages. But I have to get rid of about half my library in order to fit my bookshelves. So, I have to be ruthless. Which brings the question, what is “ruth” that ruthless is the opposite of? I grew up with English but even then I get confused with some of the weirdness of the language. How come we can be overwhelmed or underwhelmed but not whelmed? I think I will start using whelm and its forms just to be different. I changed my pronunciation of “either” years ago from “eether” to “ither” as a deliberate choice just to be different and the general population has been making the change as well. I haven’t thought about it, but I do like having a little speech peculiarity.


December 27, 2016

December 27, 2016

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As a member of a liturgical church, one that has a regular liturgy and a calendar year, this is the third day of the Christmas Season.

Just a few more days until the new year starts and I start having trouble remembering what year it is. Calendars are nice but sometimes I wish, although not too strongly, that they had never been invented. It would be nice to float along without worrying what the date is or what the year is. But then there would probably be a lot more to complain about; which is why I never seriously consider the idea, it is just a fantasy. And not a real good one either.

The weather is still chilly. I feel it more this year than I remember ever feeling it in the past. I think I am getting old. I am, after all, 67 years old as of last October. Maybe next year I will get the heater checked out and running. My apartment has a combined unit, air conditioning and heater, but I have not used the heater for years. Mainly because the gas company requires that I keep the gas going all year and the only thing I use the gas for is the heater. So, after about March and until about November, I don’t use it but I still have to pay a fee to keep the account pen. And if I close the account in March and re-open it in November I would have to pay a start-up fee that would equal the amount I would have paid if I had kept the account open the whole time.

I spent today cleaning up in the apartment. I hate housecleaning. My apartment is two bedrooms, a living room, a galley kitchen and a bathroom. I use the larger of the two bedrooms as a living room / office and the smaller one as my bedroom. However, the mattress set I bought about five years ago, and tested in the store, I cannot sleep on. It took only a few months for me to realize that I could not sleep on it, it wasn’t sudden but gradual over that time, and so I sleep on a camp cot in the living room and the bed has become a storage space. And I paid $800 for that mattress set. Once I clean all the stuff off of it I will throw the mattress set away and move the cot into that room. Then I can clean up the living room and use it for what it was intended for. If it weren’t for all the stuff I have, I could probably live in a much smaller apartment; this one is 740 square feet which is 83 square meters if I remember my math correctly. I could probably live in half that space without the stuff I have. Which is one reason I am getting rid of so many books, I don’t read them and for the most part I am no longer interested in the subject, so why keep them.


December 25, 2016

December 25, 2016

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Today is the first day of the Christmas Season. But, today is the end of the Christmas Season you say. It is the end of the secular Christmas Season and the start of the religious Christmas Season. Today is the first of twelve day in the Christmas Season, thus the season ends on January 5th of next year. January 6th is, of course, Epiphany which is a different religious season.

Last night I enjoyed two church services, the 5 PM family service and the 10 PM Midnight Mass. It ended before midnight but I can understand the rector wanting an extra hour of sleep. Between yesterday and today he was run ragged. Tuesday I have to go by church and retrieve my umbrella. It was raining so hard as I went to church that I was surprised the street were not flooded. I kept it close by me most of the evening but at the coffee hour after the service I set it on a window ledge and although I kept reminding myself to not forget it, I forgot it. I could have gone to the 10AM service today and got it but I slept in and missed the chance. The church is closed tomorrow so Tuesday is my chance. Presuming I don’t forget again and lose it forever.

The Bengals played last night and so I recorded the game. I did not want to see any reports of the score so that I could watch the game as if it were live. So, what did my ISP do? On the homepage there was a notice of the game result with a photo to catch my eye. I watched the game anyway today The Bengals have been killing themselves with penalties. Both the offense and the defense played well for the most part but penalties, especially those against the defense, were horrible. Five years of excellent play, except that the Bengals did not win a playoff game in that time, and it looks like this is the end of it I hope that the Bengals can recover their good play next season.

I got a title for the last book in the Jesip Elder series. I was talking with a friend of mine, who is also a writer, and mentioned that I hadn’t a title and gave a basic idea of the plot of the book. He came up with a title and that inspired me to change one word and I have the title: ELDER’S DILEMNA. I am something of a loner but interacting with others is nice.

December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve, 2016

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It is shortly after noon here in Tucson and I am getting ready for church tonight. The times have changed for this year, moved forward an hour, and that puts a bit of a crimp in my normal plans for Christmas Eve but I will make do. I slept late this morning, in part because I will stay up late tonight and therefore do not want to get sleepy too soon. The early service, for families, has moved from 6 PM to 5 PM and the late or “Midnight Mass” service was moved to 10 PM from 11 PM. Since I will be helping with the late service, I do not want to be all sleepy while doing so. After the late service there will be a gathering in the parish hall for an hour or two. Tomorrow there will be just the one service, at 10 AM, which is the usual Sunday service I attend but I will probably skip tomorrow in favor of sleeping in a bit.

I live alone and so events like Christmas do not have the usual family-type connotations for me. Yes, I have a brother and most of his family living her in Tucson but he and I have never been close. I see him once in a while but now his work takes him on the road a lot and since I do not know his schedule, neither does he until close to a shift, that is another reason to not go over there as often as I might. He was, once upon a time, a repertory therapist but he got upset with the company he worked for and quit, or retired I never asked, and now he is a truck driver. He and his wife deliver RVs all across the country. So, they are gone for as much as a couple of weeks at a time and get notified of a shift a few days in advance, I forget just how long an advance warning they get. One of his children and his family live in the house and keep it while my brother and his wife are gone. A good deal all around for them.

The weather here is nice, cold but no snow. Granted it rarely snows in Tucson although it does snow in the mountains immediately to the north of Tucson, the Santa Catalina mountains often enough for a natural snow ski resort to exist. Our rainfall is good, a slight bit low but close enough to the 30-year average for me.

So, to all those who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas, and for any who celebrate Hanukah, which I believe starts at sundown today, Happy Hanukah. (However you spell if in any language other than Hebrew.)


December 20, 2016

December 20, 2016

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This was a lazy day. I slept late and napped most of the day. I did do a lot of plotting for HIGH TREASON but got nothing written, nor did I get any editing done on GENERATION UPON GENERATION. As I said, a lazy day Everyone should have an occasional lazy day, the important word here is “occasional” because doing too many doesn’t work.

The crybabies are still out in force about the General Election. We have a generation here in America that cannot stand not getting their way. I have to live with them but I do not have to like living with them.

In a couple of hours I am attending the monthly meeting of the Pima County Libertarian Party. This meeting is also the bi-annual convention where we elect officers. I will probably be re-elected as First Vice-Chair as I do not want any other office. We have someone who wants to be the Chair and has done it before and the present Second Vice-Chair will probably be re-elected also. The Treasurer is another office that will get re-elected but the Secretary office is open and no one seems to want it. Oh well, I’ll see what transpires.

I a going to have to go on base and deal with the Finance Office again. The US Air Force has a web site where one can make changes to allotments and taxes, and get the annual pay statements for filing your taxes. For some reason I cannot access it and so I am going to get a physical password again this year, this is the second year in a row. I thought I had fixed this earlier this year but obviously not, or else it has happened again. Of the two, the first is more likely. Technology is great – until it isn’t.

December 19, 2016

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So the Electoral College voted today and Trump wins. Maybe the crybabies will shut up now. I doubt it but I can hope. I uploaded a video to YouTube today on just that subject. I like being involved with politics but sometimes too much is too much The old chair has just gotten too tired of the job. At least, that is what I think I will stay in the office I presently hold and have held for a couple of years now

Yesterday I played TTRPG with friends, the campaign system is the latest version of D&D and it is OK I guess. We aren’t playing Shadowrun for a while due to personal issues with the family of the guy who is running it. I want to play Shadowrun, I like the system much more than D&D in any version. Right now I play in two D&D campaigns and am waiting for Shadowrun to return. I think I may be in too many campaigns if I am going to keep writing.

Speaking of my writing, the last bout of writing I did on HIGH TREASON surprised me I had worked out what the scene was going to be and when I wrote it I found that I wrote something completely different. I can salvage what I want to write though, just in a slightly different form. I once tried to do a story starting with an outline and working from that. I never finished it but I still know the story and want to finish it soe day soon. What I do when writing is to just let the words flow and pound it into shape while editing, which is what I am doing now with GENERATION UPON GENERATION.

Tomorrow is a day that I think I can spend all day writing HIGH TREASON and editing GENERATION UPON GENERATION until it is time to head off to the Libertarian meeting The meeting is at a nice little Greek Café with some pretty good food However, due to circumstances, I am broke and will probably skip eating there and just buy a drink.  I do want to support the café but the situation prevents.

December 18, 2016

December 17, 2016

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I am so sleepy it is stupid. I am sleeping well but all day I have wanted to just roll back into bed and sleep some more. And even when I don’t do that, I don’t have the energy to get a lot done. I did get some writing done on HIGH TREASON and surprised myself by what came out. I had been think it through and had the basics of what was going to happen and when I started writing, something else came out. It isn’t a big deal, I can incorporate my ideas into this format but it does surprise me that having worked something out, it wasn’t what I wrote. And I didn’t seem to realize the difference right away, not until I had a lot written. So, I will incorporate the new idea into the plot and go from there, I don’t want to rewrite this section.

I had wanted to get a video done today and totally forgot about it. I have scripts for three and I wanted to get the first done today. I have to get working on those. I want to do a video at least three times a week but it seems I get sidetracked and don’t get any done for a week or two. I need to get consistent with those if I am to do any good with them.

My neck is so stiff it hurts. I need to get my neck worked over. I like to get a massage every week or so and it has been far too long since my last one. I sleep on my side and I think my pillow is getting too thin to support my head. If I had the money and the time, I’d get a massage daily. It feels so good when I get one that I could spend all day getting massaged. I can’t do that of course for more than just the cost. How would I get any writing done?

A lot of people have liked one or more of my posts and I think a few people have subscribed but I follow few other blogs for want of time. And even then, I can’t comment on every post. I try to read every post but I rarely comment. So if you have been following me, thank you. If you wonder why I am not following you, now you know. It isn’t that I hate you or even dislike you, I am just short of time.

December 17, 2016

December 16, 2016

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I am interested in politics, in case you haven’t noticed. And I am interested in honest elections, which is why I am a member of the Pima County Election Integrity Commission. And the reports of massive election fraud in Michigan and Nevada get my blood boiling. People say that election fraud is not a real issue and then ignore or play down these reports. I wish I had the ability to prosecute all the people responsible for election fraud but then I regain my senses and realize that I would be an enemy of anyone else who had that sort of power, so why would I want it. I believe in the Rule of Law and someone acting like that operates on the Rule of Whim.

Before I post a chapter next week I have to find a specific page in DREADNOUGHT and print out a new copy For some reason I printed that page on a page of paper already containing some writing. Reading that page is hard and I need to correct my mistake. I am getting GENERATION UPON GENERATION edited and am working on HIGH TREASON. I still haven’t come up with a title for the last book, I am not going with THE END as I first thought. Something will come to me I am sure, it always has. I think I am going to work on MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY while working on whatever the last book is going to be called and submit it for regular publication. I can use the five books posted on to show what I can do and show I can write for a long haul. MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY and THE GOD’S TALE are stand-alone books but the next I will want to do is a fourteen book series in the high fantasy genre.

The weather is still nice here in Tucson. We need some rain for the winter rainy season. Almost the entire year we have been ahead of the 30-year average but now we are behind a slight bit. Coming off a 20-year drought means that the water table is low and needs recharging. Rain, steady rain, is the best way to do that. Nothing over a quarter of an inch (half a centimeter) an hour please, Tucson cannot handle anything heavier. The roads flood and the washes run, trapping people because of poor sewer and road design.

I am throwing away books still. It is amazing just what books I have. I cannot think of why I was ever interested in some of them but I have them. And soon I won’t.

I have been buying bolo ties and now I have enough to justify something to hang them on, like a cap holder. I have a nice collection of caps and a couple of cap racks to hold them and it is another of those racks that I intend to buy soon. At the moment I am hanging them off a CD rack and it has only three places to hang anything, it wasn’t designed for that, and so it is getting crowded. I do not like wearing ties except for bolo ties. The conventional tie make me feel like I am chocking. And I have trouble knotting them as I have very little experience and intend to get none in the future.

December 16, 2016

December 15, 2016

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Sixteen days left in 2016. For me here is Tucson, it is now a quarter after 9 PM but according to the little note down on the bottom right of this screen it is 4:14 AM wherever WordPress is located. Since Mountain Standard Time (Most of Arizona never leaves MST) is GMT -7 and the two times are seven hours apart, my guess is that it is somewhere in Great Britain. There is one nice thing about never leaving Standard Time, I don’t have to worry about changing my clocks forward or back an hour. I wonder how many people are injured or killed each year due to the change in clock time messing with their biological clock. I was born, and live eleven years, in Indiana which is a two-time-zone State. The dividing line ran right down the center of the State, dividing Indianapolis as I remember. Back then each county determined if they went on DST or not. So, some counties could have not just a one hour difference due to part being Eastern Time Zone and part being Central Time Zone but if the CTZ went on DST (which usually happened) and the ETZ didn’t (which usually happened also) then the time difference went to two hours. The State Legislature finally stepped in and mandated uniform rules, I forget when, and all ETZ areas never went to Daylight Saving and all CTZ did. If any area codes, for telephones, crossed the time zone boundaries, which I am sure at least some did, there would be a lot of confusion making calls.

The only part of Arizona that does go to Daylight Saving is the Navaho Nation up in the most north-east part of Arizona. Yes, Navaho Nation. What most people do not realize is that the various tribal nations are semi-independent nations. To a certain extant, and more so than the fifty States, they are sovereign nations separate from the United States of America. And another thing most people do not realize is that the fifty States are supposed to be separate nations in a federation not provinces. In 1787 the words “State” and “Nation” had the same meaning, and State still is used to mean the same as Nation today. The United States of America can be called the United Nations of America just as validly.

I didn’t get much done today, first there was grocery shopping and then there was an extended session of TTRPG. We started at 1PM and went until just before 8PM. We stopped an hour early because one player was having mental problems. He is normally on medication but either he is out or missed today’s dose or the medication wasn’t working. I didn’t ask. He was hyper almost all session and it got worse as time went on. So, we quit early. He is a nice guy and I have been gaming with him and his husband for years. I have even helped with an intervention a few years ago to get him to medical treatment. He is also a good artist and if I ever decide to go to web comics, and I have a couple in mind, I would want him to do the drawing while I do the writing.


December 15, 2016

December 14, 2016

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I have not been feeling well all day today. Nothing serious I think, but just the “crud” or something similar. So, I didn’t do a lot today, I tended to stay in bed and feel lousy.

I did get some writing done, not a lot but some. Even though I felt lousy I did work on HIGH TREASON, more thinking and plotting than writing but I did it. When I wrote the first version of GENERATION UPON GENERATION decades ago I had to scrap it due to the fall of the USSR. So I spent a lot of time doing background for the universe. Now, I think I am going to scrap a lot of that background for the last two books in this series. The funny thing is, scrapping the background material that I will scrap does not really affect the story lines. It just pushes the last story line a bit forward in time. However, since no one but me will ever see the background material, it does not matter does it?

I look forward to the new year. At least there isn’t a lot of electioneering that will be going on either locally or nationally. Don’t get me wrong, I like politics, but the hate and mudslinging was horrible; and the Republicans were almost as bad. Here in Arizona the next big election is the Governor’s race in 2018. I don’t think that there is anything happening in 2017. I have been looking at some YouTube videos and reading some articles on fraud that happened in the General Election. I have been worrying about election fraud for years and seeing proof come out this year is gratifying in one sense but disgusting in another. I spent 20 years on active duty defending this?

I think I will buy myself a bottle of The Glen Levitt for Christmas. My nose does not work right, so I have a very bland sense of taste. Most things I cannot smell and of the few that I can smell, I dislike the smell of most of them. The Glen Levitt is one of the rare things that I can smell and that I like. I haven’t had a bottle for a couple of years so this will be a treat. In the past, and how I intend to do this now, I have poured myself a glass and sipped on it all afternoon. However, since I have to be careful about my evening blood glucose tests, I will have to quit sipping about 3PM or so. Therefore I will start around noon and pour a smaller amount. Before I would sip until 6PM or so. The glass would sit next to my computer and I would enjoy the smell as much as the taste.

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