November 28, 2016

1st Sunday in Advent, 2016

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Happy New Year for those in a liturgical denomination such as Roman Catholics, Old Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, and maybe Orthodox but there I am not sure if they start the Church Year on 1 Advent.

I am still annoyed at my church for banning the American Flag to celebrate Veterans’ Day and for putting veterans in with animals in the prayers. I should let this go but everyone else seems to get away with being hurt by something, mostly the election, so why not pander to my Scottish side and nurse a grudge. With a name like Christopher Cole you  might think I am pure Anglo but I am a Purebrbreed American Mongrel. My ancestry covers all the British Isles, a bit from Norway, some from France, a bit from Spain, and a bit from the Gypsies and the Jews. And I probably missed some but that is what I remember from what my Father told me those many decades ago. I have been told, on many occasions that I have a Scottish temper. And I remember an old saying from the North of England I was told when I was stationed in Germany and visiting England and Scotland – Your grandchildren will curse the day you made an enemy of a Scotsman.

I watched the Bengals lose again. For five years they did great during the regular season, only to fail in the playoffs. This year, they are failing in the regular season. So far it isn’t as bad as during the “Bungles” era but it is bad and I do not like it. It is something I have to accept though and I don’t like that either.

I am still working on GENERATION UPON GENERATION, proofreading it, chaptering it, and adding details where needed. I am also trying to think out HIGH TREASON but I am not getting anywhere with that. I am of a mind to work on one of the other books but I have been posting a chapter a week on my other blog,, and I don’t want to stop that until I get the whole series done and posted. Then I can make reference to the postings there when I hunt for an agent for one of the other books I want to write. I won’t try to get that series published except on the blog but I will use it for showing what I can do in order to get something else published.

The weather is getting colder here in Tucson, and I feel sorry for those who are freezing now, so I am sleeping with a blanket and wearing heavier shirts during the day. I am moving away from wearing t-shirts all the time and even in this last summer I wore long-sleeve shirts almost all the time. I stopped wearing jeans over a decade ago and normally wear business casual slacks. I don’t care all that much about clothes, I wear whatever seems like a good idea at the time. A fashion plate I am not. Beau Brummel would have hated me. I enjoy looking at good fashion though and I have some ideas about what sort of clothes I would design is I could design clothes. But wearing clothes, for me clothes are not a fashion statement but purely functional.



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