November 25, 2016

November 24, 2016

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To all in America: HAPPY THANKSGIVINE!

Normally on Thursdays I don’t post on gruundehn but I post a chapter on but today I didn’t because of Thanksgiving. I spent the whole day so far watching football. So far, the two teams I decided to root for lost. I didn’t care about the Vikings or the Redskins but I chose to root for them today and they lost. Upcoming is a game I do care about. As a Cincinnati Bengals fan, the Pittsburgh Steelers are rivals serious rivals. Plus, I am originally from Indianapolis. So I am going to root for the Colts even though they moved to Indianapolis long after my family left. My family was living in a suburb of Cincinnati when I joined the USAF in 1967 so I have been a fan of the Bengals since Day One. So, tonight I root for the Colts over the Steelers.

So, today has been a lazy day. The closest I came to doing any work is this posting. Once tomorrow rolls around, I will do some grocery shopping I have never done Black Friday shopping. Black Friday is called that because the sales on this day put most retailers into the black for the year. I don’t do crowds well. Maybe someday I will do my Christmas shopping on Black Friday but I doubt it. Sometime in the next week or so I have to drop off the toys I bought for Toys 4 Tots. But that won’t be on Black Friday not will I buy any toys on Black Friday I bought these online.

A short post but there wasn’t much to say except, Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you spent time with family and friends and enjoyed the whole day.


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