November 22, 2016

November 21, 2016

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I have GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS finished except for proofreading and filling in some details Right now it stands at just under 40,000 words but after this go-through and probably another go-through, I will have it over 40,000 words. I am not completely happy with the ending but adding more to draw it out doesn’t seem right. The Captain of the colony ship is intelligent and accepts the situation as it is, making him obstinate just to add words seems wrong. Most of my characters, especially the more minor ones, do not have fixed personalities and I let them develop as y writing goes along. So, I presently have this captain realize that his continued obstinacy is doing no good and he accepts the situation as a pragmatist would do. I am not going to say more, read the book as I post it.

Yesterday I, and another member of the local Libertarian Party, met with a group of high school students, members of Junior State of America. We had some nice discussions, political candidates could learn something from these children. Not one voice was raised in anger, no one called ugly names, and people listened to each other. I have hope for our future.

Spending all day concentrating on proofreading and making corrections to a book leave little time for just about anything else. Shortly, I am heading off to do some more grocery shopping, I have been doing it a small amount at a time instead of one or two huge trips. For the huge trips I take a laundry cart with a liner to carry the grocery bags in but doing small amounts at a time, I use a shoulder bag. Dragging the cart around is a bit of a hassle, it often hits my heel as I pull it and knocks my shoe partly off. So, since the bag does not do that, I will stay with the bag for now. Plus, doing the walk to the store and back is good exercise. And I need all the exercise I can get.

It hasn’t rained for a while, we are still ahead of the 30-year average but not by much. I know, I harp on rain a lot, but this is Tucson which is in a desert. We average in a year what a lot of places in America average in a week. Rain is good, we need more. Now, having said that, the street design here is horrible for dealing with the rain. Streets flood with little more than a drizzle. And, since I walk almost everywhere, that part of rain I do not like. I am old, I do not like getting my shoes soaked.

I need to get down to the local AT&T cell phone provider and change my carrier. I also need to drop my landline and use my smart phone as a hot spot for my apartment. Doing that, and eliminating some of the channels on my satellite provider should save me about $100 a month. I can save more for the next Libertarian Convention and probably attend, especially if it is in Phoenix. If it is there, I can spend about $75 a day travelling there and back thus avoiding hotel costs. But, as far as I can tell, the location has not been decided yet for the 2018 convention much less the 2020 one.


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