November 19, 2016

November 19, 2016

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Normally on Saturdays I am playing TTRPG with friends but not today as one is sick. Since I knew I wouldn’t be playing today I took a sleeping pill last night in hopes of getting a good night’s sleep It worked. At 67 years old my sleep is sporadic, as I have mentioned in the past. So, for several months now, I have gone through the days will too little sleep. On the few days when I did get enough sleep, I never seemed to improve as I never slept well enough to overcome the deficit that had built up. That was the case today as I went to bed and got to sleep around 10 PM and woke up to go to the bathroom at 4 AM and went back to sleep, something that often did not happen, and slept until well after 8AM. I would take sleeping pills more often but for two basic reasons, the first is that after a short while they no longer work and the second is that there are many days when I have to get up early and sleeping too long interferes with that. So, I suffer nights of bad sleep.

I sounded like an old man complaining about his health there didn’t I?

I continue to work on GENERATION UPON GENERATION in order to get it ready to post. But my mind is drifting towards what I am going to write in the book HIGH TREASON. Plus, other stories come creeping into my mind, stories I started and haven’t finished or even brand new ones. I live alone and so there is no one to help with the daily chores so those interrupt my writing far too much. What interrupts even more though, is my habit of watching YouTube videos. Wasting time a few minutes at a time is not good for writing. I know that and still do it.

At least the weather here in Tucson is fine. We are over the summer heat and not yet into the winter cold. Yes, I know that what is cold for here is mild for most other places in the world but I live here not someplace else. I have thought of moving back to Indianapolis but then I think of the snow and decide to stay here.

I cannot seem to get rid of the excess weight I have, and which is causing my diabetes. I will have to increase my exercises, more time away from writing, and slim down my eating. some. I don’t eat a lot anyway, at least I think I don’t, but at 264 pounds (14 Stone 12 pounds, 120 Kg) I am too heavy.

I don’t normally have a lot to say in these posts, so I often sit here at my computer and wonder “What next?” before I dash off a short paragraph or two. My life is pretty much a routine with some variations. I envy, but do not want to emulate, those whose lives are full of excitement and constant activities. I prefer to sit and meditate or sit and write. And so my life will continue; nice, dull and boring with all my excitement in my stories.

Tomorrow I attend a political meeting and answer questions about the Libertarian Party. I enjoy these outings. The two old parties have all sorts of ways that they can get their messages across but we Libertarians have to actively work at it. I am looking forward to this meeting. One thing I have to watch out for is that I get distracted from what I am saying too easily and so I have to not let myself go off on tangents.

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