November 18, 2016

November 18, 2016

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For me, politics is almost a full-time job that pays me nothing. I have been up since about 3:30 Am (it is not just about 4:30 PM) and with the exception of the hour or two I spent shopping, it has been all politics. Since I am an officer in my political party, I often do communications work for them. Plus, I am on a civilian advice commission for the county government for the party. So, this morning I worked on an opinion piece that I want published by the local newspaper, travelled to the commission meeting and worked there for about three hours or so, went to lunch and did a bit of grocery shopping, and then shopping for a new chair, and then finalized the opinion piece and submitted it. So now, I can do what I want, right? No. I have to prepare for a political outreach meeting Sunday, prepare my speech to the county governing board for Tuesday and maybe work on one or more YouTube videos (I invite you to visit my channel Christopher Cole and watch my talking head videos – there is more than one channel with that name so look for my face or look for a title such as INITIATING VIOLENCE). This is in addition to what writing I get done, and I have to finish off GENERATION UPON GENERATION and get it ready for posting on my other blog site.

I had been watching a couple of game shows on TV but I gave that up. They were at just the wrong time of day and I really didn’t feel like recording them and watching them later. I do have hobbies, table-top role-playing games is one. And I enjoy that a lot. And as part of that, I paint miniature figures for use in TTRPGs. But painting has been something I haven’t been able to keep up with, I presently have several dozen figures to paint. I am retired, and it seems like I am busier than when I was on active duty with the USAF. I have a lot to do and no one to help me do it, and I am just lazy enough to make it harder to get it all done.

I am looking forward to someday travelling again. I traveled a lot while on active duty and my parents moved a lot before I joined the USAF. We lived in three ou can look for the first title INITIANG CIOLENCE),000-5,000 needed. That $25 was from my youngest brother and I refunded that to him, it cost me a fee to get the money from the Kickstarter campaign site. Kickstarter or Go Fund Me, I forget which but the idea is the same. I may try again next year to go to the 2018 Convention but start it much sooner.


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