November 17, 2016

November 16, 2016

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I am tired of housework. I live alone and I would rather sit at my computer and write than sweep, do dishes, etc. However, it has to get done and as much as I hate it I have to do it. I just deleted a bad joke on the subject because I doubt enough people would understand it to be a bad joke for it to be worthwhile.

I love bad jokes. You see, when you tell a good joke well, everybody laughs. If you tell a good joke badly, people still laugh but not as hard. If you tell a bad joke badly, everyone groans. But if you tell a bad joke well, you get the groans and the laughs. I have tried for decades to tell a joke so bad that people throw things at me. I almost succeeded once. Just the once. When I was stationed at Udorn RTAFB in 1970-71, I got into a bad joke contest with an NCO in my shop. It lasted about two months, before he rotated back to the USA. The other members of the shop voted as who won and he did. After the contest was over, I learned that his family was sending him bad jokes from America. I was competing one against four.

A week from tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day here in America. Thanksgiving Day. The start of the secular Christmas season. The religious one starts on Christmas Day and lasts twelve days, thus the carol. Where is the year go? It seems like it should still be March or April. Keeping busy with my writing helps the time go by but, this fast?  Tomorrow I post another chapter in Dreadnought to my other blog. I have finished the first draft of Generation upon Generation and now I go through it, break the chapters and proofread I will be adding details to some sparse areas as well. The final word count should be around 45,000. Then I start on High Treason.


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