November 8, 2016

November 7, 2016

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Tomorrow is the General Election. I will be spending all day with political matters. I have already voted, although I am against early voting unless you know you cannot be at the polls on election day, on principle. But tomorrow I will be watching the election at my precinct and it might cause confusion if I vote and then watch the rest of the voting. Then I will be at the monthly meeting of my political party, I am an officer, and will give a report on how I saw the election proceed. Then I may watch the returns for a few hours. When I go to bed is an undecided issue.

I did get a little writing done but I spent most of today cleaning and I hate cleaning my apartment. I also got a notice that my October rent payment was not received. Wednesday I am going to have to talk with the owners, a foundation in Phoenix. Unfortunately, I do not have a receipt for the October payment. The former manager/maintenance man never gave a receipt when I made the payments but did so a day or two later. I got in the habit of not expecting a receipt right away and I was always surprised when the receipt was attached to my door. So, all last month I never paid attention to the fact that I didn’t get a receipt and now the man is gone. I have no idea what is going to happen. I cannot afford to make two payments this month, or any month for that matter.

I have a library of probably 4,000 books. I no longer read most of them and I have to start getting rid of those. I will keep my airplane, religious, role-playing and maybe a few other book categories. Once I get down to the books I will read over and over, I will have a lot of shelf space that I will probably fill up with either more books or videos. What can I say, I am a pack rat.


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