November 6, 2016

November 5, 2016

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My apartment is a mess. I hate to do housework and once I start letting things go, it becomes too much work to correct it. This goes on until I am forced to do a clean-up. Why am I mentioning this? Because I have reached that point and for the next week I might skip blogging (although I have not been regular anyway) because I am cleaning. Once I get the apartment clean, I usually keep it clean until something happens for me to skip several days such as not feeling well as happened earlier this year. I need to marry a rich wife so that she can pay maids to do the cleaning. Not going to happen of course, nor would I be so crass as to go on a hunt for such a situation but it is one way to never have to worry about this ever again.

Once I have caught up I am going to try a lot harder to keep up on my cleaning but that interferes with my writing.

Tuesday is the General Election here in America. I have voted early because I am going to be a poll watcher for my political party and I didn’t want to vote and then hang around which might lead to confusion amongst the poll workers regarding my status. There has been a lot of talk about Trump supporters showing up as watchers at the polls, but at least here in Arizona, they have to be appointed by the local party chair as I was already. For those of you outside of America, unlike many other countries America does not have one national election but fifty State elections. Well, fifty States, the District of Columbia, and the various territories. Which is why the national polls regarding the various candidates are meaningless.  If you want to see the relative strengths of the candidates in terms of the election you have to look at the polls for each separate State. The States are in charge of the elections and the Federal Government can only, legally, make rules for dealing with the federal candidates. However, that has not kept the Federal Government from stealing the power and authority to try to conduct local elections.

I do not look forward to the next four years. If either Trump or Clinton take the election (or steal it, which is possible) then America will be in trouble, but for different reasons. Although both Clinton and Trump are liars and crooks so the differences are not that great. After the polls close here in Arizona I am heading to a meeting of my local county party, I am a Libertarian and an officer in the county party, and then we will go somewhere else to watch the election finals. I kind of pity Alaska and Hawaii as it is often moot how they vote, especially if it isn’t close. I personally think that any election returns should not be announced until after the last polls close anywhere.

Being Saturday, I played a TTRPG with my friends. Today was a D&D 5e game. We start at about 10 AM and go until about 6 PM. However, we tend to start later due to conversations about either other games or catching up on this one. We then go later because even when we hit a stopping point, there is always one more thing to clear up or to do. Now thirty years ago I was fine with playing all weekend, and I did play (at least once) from Friday evening right after work straight through to late Sunday evening. The whole weekend was snacks and naps. But I am older and my body wouldn’t take well to that now.

I made a mistake on my other blog, I titled two different chapters the same and I had to fix that.


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