November 6, 2016

6th Sunday of the Creation Season, 2016

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I hate housework as I said yesterday. However today I worked for two hours doing just that. A friend came over and helped but I am always uncomfortable with help like this unless I pay for the work. If someone is going to work for someone else they should get paid for the work they do. Yes, I understand that people will help friends, and I have helped friends in the past, it is just that the way I was raised, work gets paid.

My apartment is old, how old I do not know but there is no dishwasher installed and the number of electrical outlets is less than desirable. For example the kitchen has two sets of two outlets plus the one for the refrigerator. So, for those four jacks I have available I have to plug in the microwave, the coffee maker, the slow cooker, the toaster, a battery charger, an electric grill, and whatever other things such as electric knives or blenders that are just temporarily in use. Not only do I not have enough outlets, but counter space is at a premium. If I could afford to move up to a more modern apartment, I’d buy a house where outlets and counter space would not be a problem. But I’m not rich so I have to make do with an old apartment that is out of date. I failed to plan for this when I was much younger.

There was a ministry fair at church today and I helped out. I am an usher and a lector so I tried to convince people that being an usher was something that they should try. I did get a couple of people to sign up and a few more expressed interest, but that will probably never bear fruit as the saying goes. People tend to forget, and I am one of them, that they were once interested in something if they don’t follow up quickly. However, it is nice to talk to people.

Tuesday is the end of a contentious campaign season. I get emails, and snail mail, from the Democrats, the Republicans, the Libertarians and occasionally the Greens. Every day for the last few months my email inbox has been overflowing with campaign emails. Requests for money, attacks on an opponent and rarely a position paper on an issue. I will miss all that, like I’d miss a toothache. I cannot be the only voter who wants to see where a candidate stands on the various issues can I?

Next Friday is Veterans’ Day here in America. I will go downtown and watch the parade and next Sunday I will carry the American flag at church. The previous Rector did not like for the flag to be part of the service but the present Rector does. So, on Sundays that have some significance I carry the flag and, given my knee and ankle problems, try not to fall down. Every time I have been carrying the flag I keep repeating to myself “Don’t embarrass 320 million people.” It works, I haven’t dropped it yet.


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